Thursday, April 28, 2016

It is just that they are not readily seen as often as other folks

                                                                                 Author: Four Tildes
Image: A Sumo Wrestler (here)

In the Little Oxford Dictionary there are only
xenophobia, Xerox, X’mas X-ray and xylophone
Not much to work on and nothing ‘sporting’
either. One can check on X-men or X Files but
still are short of sports. Hank decided then to talk
of the big guys just so we are still talking sports

X for XXXL the Big Guys in ABC of Sports

One may think they are not the glamour kind
They may heave-ho heavy stuff across the field
The hammer, shot putt and perhaps discus throwers
Bulky, unwieldy hunks who we gather might stumble
anytime that one may find them sprawling on the ground
But there are well-proportioned muscular guys though

They might appear formidable, menacing frightening
and even wild that one avoids crossing their paths
They make themselves seem to be bully-like ready to thumb
anyone near with their powerful legs like sumo wrestlers

We are told they are gentle folks who can cup gently
a furry kitten in their hands without crushing them
It is just that they are not readily seen as often as other
folks to make them appear alien and life threatening
beings best avoided and not to meddle with at all

This is understandable as presumably they too do not wish
to venture out of the house too often that they are not seen
Who would want to as they need space of three persons
at least just to sit in a restaurant like other folks

But the good thing is that they bring in medals sometimes in
successive Olympics as once they are champions it is not
easy to dislodge them. They are true champions in their
respective calling and are a gentle and friendly sort of guys

A to Z Challenge


  1. This was fantastic to read Hank. Good X post.

  2. They sure count for X with the xxx. They probably aren't as menacing as they look.

  3. Well done on finding a way to write a sports related post for the letter X.

    Susan A Eames from
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  4. Wow! You stuck to your theme and found such a nifty way to ace the X post. Congrats! Brilliant job!

    Ninja Minion, A-Z 2016

  5. Big guys are needed in some sports! Good save for the letter X.

  6. And those big guys are XXXX indeed. Loved your X post. I'm a big fan of Gail Tsukiyama and loved her story, The Samurai's Garden. Big man. So gentle and so kind, managing the deepest of sorrow every day. Your post reminded me how much I loved that story.