Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Record-breaking is part and parcel of sports

                                                                                                Attribution: SD Dirk
Image: The Fosbury Flop by a woman athlete (here)

The Fosbury Flop was a revolutionary style 
introduced by Dick Fosbury who clinched
the gold medal in the 1968 Mexico Olympics 

R for Record-breaking in ABC of Sports

the given words:
shattering drums signs strips tight  grave

Record-breaking is part and parcel of sports
There is a tendency and a motivation to break
a record once it has been set

Shattering of records is a given expectation
Drums are beaten to announce the success
It involves signs of a bigger, faster or of a higher
progression, improvement and or achievement

Highly technical and scientific it centers on
the close connection of ‘man and machine’

Machines involve two aspects, one changes
to the equipment and two changes to the system 
Changes to the equipment is where machines are 
subjected to strips of its basic form and an improved 
new model is tested say, on the F1 tracks

Changes to the system was akin to the creativity 
of Dick Fosbury whose style brought the barrier
higher than that of a straddle or a Western roll

But man is not a machine. Man can only transform
himself through better diets and a tight but a clean
living lifestyle to overcome physical deficiencies

Beware though for in grave situations some cheats
succumb to base acts by experimenting in the organic
drugs scene. They forget that such abuses to their
bodies will catch up with them later in life or earlier
from the authorities if unlucky enough to be caught

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  1. This was writing at it's very best Hank.

  2. Wow, Hank. You are writing to something you know intimately. I hope you meant to include this in my 'organic" motif today. Comparing human and machine and the drive to break records as an organic attribute moves me. I wish we only competed against ourselves, but love the Olympic sport type of challenge more than any other competition.

  3. Some are cheats indeed. But with a record, many want to try and beat it and most times it will eventually get beat.

  4. Your gave it a whirl and did anything but flop!

  5. wow- love this shot! Amazing talent!

  6. Some food for thought no doubt, great stuff indeed. Greetings!

  7. wish the competition remains healthy all the time though sometimes that is not to be...

  8. So many things can spoil the art of the sport. You did such a good job here of bringing out its beauty.

  9. Just looking at that back flip put my back out, lol. A very thought provoking poem, Hank

  10. Somewhere winning became so important that drugs became the norm..a sad state of affairs in world sport.

  11. The joy of competing has been replaced by the need to overpower the opposition at all costs and by whatever means. This has resulted in sport losing its original meaning and becoming a war with winning, fame and reward being uppermost.

  12. Yes - in whatever path we choose it is perhaps good to have records to aim for - and even beat - nicely done Hank!

  13. Definitely need to beware of both organic and inorganic drugs, Hank. Really a relevant subject as the Olympics draw near.

  14. Drugging never really appealed to me, but for some people it's a way of life.

  15. You are so right - there is a point that the competing as an athlete becomes less "love" and more an mechanized act. There will always be someone better (or there's the thought of someone better.)
    Well written, Hank

  16. Nice. Bring back the level playing field.

  17. That Fosbury Flop looks more like a contortionist's act!!

  18. "Man can only transform
    himself through better diets and a tight but a clean
    living lifestyle to overcome physical deficiencies"
    That says it all, Hank. A relevant point made here...

  19. An interesting take on the theme, Hank. I enjoyed reading it and agree with your sentiments.