Saturday, April 30, 2016

Thanks so much for the wonderful company!

Image: Survivor T-Shirt

Z for Zap and Zoom in ABC of Sports

Whew! Finally Hank made it through
An A to Z April Challenge survivor
With a right to the survivor's gear T-shirt
forthwith till the next round next year

This being the last one on the plate
Hank takes the opportunity to reflect
on what it had been for the month

First off, thanks so much for visiting
Aside from the regulars who commented
first or who returned comments on receipt
of Hank's we zapped each other for
the duration most wonderfully

There are also the new friends who are
on Hank's blogroll now to be zoomed in
whenever they make an appearance forthwith

Hank's only regret is not making more visits
to many of the new ones and for being late
or even missing out on returning few comments
Hank will make amends on those missed and
to visit some of those not visited earlier
to add on to the blogroll list

Thanks so much for the wonderful company
It was a hectic month there's no denying it
but worth its weight in gold! Ciao!

A to Z Challenge
(Apologies for using Zap and Zoom. Hank could
not think of more appropriate terms than these)


  1. Do you mind if I copy and paste this. My sentiments exactly. Some might be confused with my name being Hank though.
    I do plan to visit a few blogs this summer that I missed. During the year, it all slows down so much. However, I plan to copy Pat Hatt and get next year's post in the can.

  2. Thanks for your wonderful posts, but Hank I should , and am THANKING YOU. You have supported me as a friend not only in this challenge but throughout my time on Blogshere.
    Thanks for being a friend.

  3. The A-Z camaraderie has been amazing! Thank you!

  4. You made it!
    So many blogs and visitors - hard to keep up with everyone.

  5. Congrats on making it through, sure you'll zoom around to many a new zoo.

  6. I could not have said it better! It has been fun! Cheers and see you in the funny papers....or else on your blog!

  7. Congrats Hank! Now you have many new friends.

  8. Hank it is always hard to keep up with visits and comments. Do not beat yourself up over that! We can only do the best we can :)

  9. Wish I had more time to read all the great blogs out there! So many good writers.