Friday, April 8, 2016

Clothes and toys qualify

                                                                                             Attribution: Frank Vincentz
Image: Flea market Selling Used Goods (here)

Note: 1 Used good purchased by a second end user or transferred informally between friends and family for free are hand-me-downs  - Wiki

Note: 2 Hank had choice of Hockey or Handball but opted for hand-me-downs, to include here as an event.

H for hand-me-downs at ABC of Sports

Clothes and toys qualify as hand-me-downs
Elder siblings get to sport new items purchased
Younger ones that come after sportingly accept
Perhaps even shoved down onto their laps

Such the beauty of hand-me-downs syndrome
Parents get to save on unnecessary outlay
When such items are still seen to be new
Large families benefit from this practice

In most instances such measures were mandatory
Had seen classmates garbed in clothes with patches
Which could indicate a third end user in the family
Where every single cent was meant to stretch

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  1. I do sell newer clothes at Flea-markets, but most go to Goodwill. I'm saving the worst of them for a quilt. A quilt that's still in the planning stages. I love sewing by hand. We'll see. But hand me downs or second hand clothes are a delight. I've taken advantage of that all my life. My grandmother seldom bought new.

  2. Great poem...I was lucky being the youngest of two but the tallest.

  3. Wonderful sentiments Hank, one should never throw things away that someone less fortunate would be over the moon to recieve. Great post.

  4. Sure have to stretch that last cent sometimes.

  5. I always shop at 2nd hand stores! One person's hand me downs are another's treasure!

  6. I remember hand me downs. You could be well dressed with flea market finds. I feel uneasy with the less expensive clothing available. It is cheaper to buy than make. When I was growing up, my mother made most of my clothes.

  7. It's similar situation in the most families. Poem feels so close :)