Sunday, April 24, 2016

There’s one here munching!

                                                                                              Photo: Tom Chambers
Image: Courtesy of Mag #312 (here)

V for Venison in the ABC of Sports

Little Girl’s soliloquy
“Ooo love it! Isn’t it nice?
Venison for dinner
The hunters came back
empty-handed last year!

This wild one happened to sneak
in a while ago when no one was around
A whole living one

Uncle Joe and the other hunters
Had gone into the woods
They had gone a few days now
It was their annual sports
event of small game hunting

But where had they been
There’s one here munching!”

Munching Deer’s soliloquy
Wayward hunters we
turned the tables on you
Done this before at your neighbor’s
It worked wonders
The men-folks were not seen
The coast was clear

You had no venison last year
little girl and neither again this year
For we would leave well in time
before the hunters' return
We cleverly hoodwinked your neighbor
last year and it worked very well

Perhaps they would shop at Wal-Mart
for lamb shoulders instead

For willow's Mag #312 at Magpie Tales


  1. A great, humorous twist! Smart deer.

  2. lol staying one step ahead and sending them to Wal-mart

  3. Poor Uncle Joe, didn't have to traipse in the woods after all, the deer were comfortable in your home! Truly love the little girl in the background.

  4. Loved this Hank. Good write.

  5. This is so clever, Hank. I like the fact that you showed two sides.

  6. Love both perspectives. The girl's voice and the deer tone are just perfect. Lamb shoulder it is then!

  7. Very good! And I love the photo too!

    Susan A Eames from
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  8. Cool idea to present the poem in two parts with different POVs - loved the deer's voice especially! :)


  9. I, too think it was clever to have the two POV! I can't get over that photo~

  10. Very clever Hank! I had an Uncle Joe and relatives that hunted deer. I wrote this time, come and visit!

  11. Now that's how we should have venison for dinner! Perfect.