Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Many vying for honors and glory

                                                                                     Attribution: Jake Archibald
Image: Failed with Engine
Trouble while Leading (here)

K for Killer Instinct in ABC of Sports

Many vying for honors and glory
Across the spectrum of life’s instinct
They slog and they claw with intensity
Against all comers driven to the brink

Just as many will sink along the path
Some still manage to keep the challenge
But for the sweat and tears they only last
With some moments of joy not sustained

On the last lap while leading they crash
They stop trying at that critical moment
Should have been champions at their best
Lacking the killer instinct so profound

A to Z Challenge
For Kerry's The Tuesday Platform
at Real Toads


  1. You really do need that killer instinct sometimes to pull out the win.

  2. Does one really need "The Killer Instinct" to win a race,?
    After all it is a sport.
    Saying that you wrote an excellent verse Hank.

  3. It is a hard fail to lose that way. But then again, I never hoped for fame and glory. (Very nice work on this one, Hank)

  4. yet sometimes losing is the path to winning/growth/expansion/healing.

  5. This is why I'm hopeless at sport... no killer instinct!

    Susan A Eames from
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  6. I guess man had to do something with his killer instinct and sport is a good channel.

  7. It does take guts and determination to finish.

  8. Enjoyed this, it does take that certain "something" to win. Whatever works,,,without to heavy a crash at the end.

  9. yikes- this is why I don't race! Great letter K

  10. I think I lack the killer instinct, maybe that's why I do not like sport a lot.

  11. Sometimes we give up, not realizing just when it happened.