Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Rodeo spills and thrills

                                                                                Artist: Jacques-Louis David
Image: Napoleon crossing the Alps (here)

E for Equestrian in ABC of Sports

Horse-back riding takes
centre stage when cowboys set
rodeo spills and thrills

Equestrian grace and
elegance accords balance
and a regal stance

Napoleon’s aura
lends a citizenship of
purpose to the land

A to Z Challenge
For Susan's at PU's Midweek Motif
-  citizenship


  1. Not sure I'd ever want to try it, may hurt the nether regions lol

  2. There is a sense of timelessness and power that comes with being able to manage a horse well - i wonder if the painting was a bit of artistic license!

  3. Such a breath of fresh air your poem :D

  4. aha...i had just been an equestrian high on the mountains under almost a full moon a few days ago :)

  5. From cowboys to Napolean is quite a leap. I wonder which actually have "Equestrian grace"? Hahaha! The term makes me think more of Horse racing. But there are certainly many statues and paintings of Napolean.

  6. This was aew inspiring Hank, well done on a creative write and read.

  7. Enjoyed your take.... like 'citizenship of purpose.'

  8. I think the horse was a little worried he was going to slip over the edge with Napoleon at the reins. Yes, things did slowly change for the better in France after Bony.

  9. Great take on the prompt, Hank. Thanks for visiting me.


  10. I've tried riding a horse and can appreciate what goes into equestrian art. Interesting that a cowboy and Napoleon have this in common.

  11. While Napoleon is certainly famous, I don't think that his purpose and mine would ever coincide!

  12. I had a friend who rode in the rodeo - it ages the bones quickly.
    A fantastic "E" and it works for citizen as well - bravo.
    Have fun with the challenge Hank.
    ~ Leslie