Thursday, April 14, 2016

Grotesquely bulging at odd places

                                                                                Attribution: TerrorUK                        
Image: Muscleman Specimen  (here)

M for Muscles and Flesh in ABC of Sports

Grotesquely bulging at odd places
A show of force a fantasia of designs
Whether male or a female frame of aces
Alluding to a body beautiful so defined

No actions but to outshine other biddings
No skills to be judged that one was the best
Just parading with acts of muscles flexing 
Winners decided by visual concensus

To showcase the results of their efforts
To be astounded by intimidating shiny flesh
Long hours spent in solitary gym workouts
No small wonder still a non-Olympic bash

A to Z Challenge
For Lilian's at d'Verse  -  fantasia


  1. he he he, my thoughts exactly. Whatever floats your boat is my motto. But, man what a waste of time. Still snickering at the photo.

  2. Good to work out and not be a weakling, but a steroid freak, no thank you.

  3. Good Gracious Hank, is that for read?????

  4. unbelievable, but you've got to wonder how long it would take before it all disappeared? Is it easier to get than maintain? Just curious! I like a muscled man, but not an overly muscled man!

  5. Sometimes the determination of efforts leads to no good ;)

    Hello Hank!

  6. Must be hard to maintain such muscle and look!

  7. Whooaaa! I echo the sentiments above!

  8. I thought I was looking in a mirror when that popped up - one of those joke ones you get in fun fairs! Nice one Hank

    A short story with 4 neglectedL words!

  9. Yikes, that is just too much Hank ~

  10. I have never really understood how anyone finds that visually appealing LOL