Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hear ye countrymen lend me your ears

                                                              Attribution: Internet Archive Book Images
Image: The Bard (here)

U for Understanding the Bard in ABC of Sports

Apologies: 1 This is not sports as such 
but perhaps just take it sportingly

Apologies: 2  To the Bard for putting some
light moments to his serious drama and tragedies

In the early part of his ‘career’
‘Scarface’ made a show of his benevolent nature
'Rob the rich and give to the poor'
Like Robin Hood an icon of folklore
Perhaps calling himself  Robin the Hood was better
Not wanting to miss out on a golden opportunity
Perhaps he could also blurt out 
‘all the world’s a stage let’s rob it!’ silly
Thus the beginnings of the Chicago big rout

Rather not to dilly-dally much of the time
to be or not to be is NOT the question
Just do it for all it takes if it is not a crime
A good cause is never wrong

Where art thou?  Juliet lamented
Missing her beau waiting to be escorted

I want nothing more nothing less
I demand my pound of flesh

Hear ye countrymen lend me your ears
Have won at New York have no fears
As a politician I come not to bury Caesar
But to build a wall south of the border

Et tu Brute?

For Kerry's Let's Tip our Hat to the Bard 
at Real Toads who suggested to approach the
topic of "things Shakespearean" in a different way
Mary's Poetry Pantry #299 at Poet's United


  1. Haha! This is great, Hank. I especially enjoyed your final lines.

  2. haha has to step on the little guys to get there and build that dumb wall.

  3. A very enjoyable read, in all sorts of ways!

  4. This was pure excellence Hank, wonderful to read.
    Enjoy your week-end.

  5. Enjoyed this to the full :D Excellent write.

  6. Really shows how much of the Bard is still part of our language... love this

  7. Heehee! This is such a fun take, Hank!

  8. This is fun , and agree it is surprising how many quotes from Shakespeare we are still used today

  9. Love the connection with the political scene - in the last lines. I can imagine Shakespeare considering it a wall of contempt, a foolish wall. A great connection with Shakespeare and the modern world.

  10. Haha....I think you excelled at following Kerry's suggestion to approach the
    topic of "things Shakespearean" in a different way! As evidenced by your final stanza, for sure ;-)

  11. Shakespear and politics - brilliant!

  12. Shakespeare was a player - i think you've explored that side well - art alone does not make you famous there is always another side to the game..

  13. It is good you can see the funny side of it. Let's hope you will be laughing after November.

  14. LOL.. the last verse is a riot!

  15. I'd say you met the challenge admirably Hank....very amusing and wonderfully truthful...I think The Bard would have loved this.

  16. Ha ha....building the wall! Cleverly contrived, Hank.

  17. You're a day early, but no matter - this was great!

    Susan A Eames from
    Travel, Fiction and Photos

  18. Here's to the Bard and your clever re-working of his words!

  19. This is very clever. I hear he plans a wall for canada too....likely to stem the flow of political refugees from the US to canada, lol.

  20. I like your poetry in honour of the Bard - especially the swipe at Mr. T., and he probably would rather just absorb Canada into the US, rather than build a wall. . .
    Thanks for visiting my blog on the A to Z!

  21. Funny Hank. I don't think Shakespeare
    Minds the satire here. Good job!

  22. Well, this is certainly a different approach to "things Shakespearean". A well thought out and thought provoking piece. Enjoyed the droll touches of humor throughout.

  23. Fun, Hank! I love your approach and brilliance~

  24. Well done Hank. Would have given Will a chuckle tho Im sure he would scratch his head at the political dalliances in 2016.