Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Quagmire of a mind in a quandary

                                                                                                                             Author: Jim Champion
Image:  East side of Trethevy Quoit, Cornwall, U.K.  (here)

Q for Game of Garden Quoit in ABC of Sports

Quagmire of a mind in a quandary
Quest for a quick fix of answers
Quenching thirst of quixotic quibble
Querulous and endlessly quivering

Can you think of a Q in sports?
Let’s see a quick run through                                       
So as to quell a quirky question

What about a quadrangular meet
With quads of quality players
Or of a quick-running Wing Three-Quarters
Or a quick thinking Quarterback

Let’s not call it quits
There are certainly some Qs in sports
What about a Quoit?

A what?

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  1. I used to play Quoits as a kid! (Wasn't very good at it though.)

  2. I went there many years ago with my late husband,
    Great post.

  3. I would love some quarks for Q... but they might be too small.

  4. What fun,,,enjoyed this so much,,

  5. Quick thinking quarterback may work as a sport haha

  6. Quoit works.
    Plus football has four quarters.

  7. This looks like a pretty fun challenge. And you did great with Q.

  8. This is impressive. I didn't know one could get so many good words out of a "q". :)

  9. But Quidditch!!!
    (Can't wait to see what you come up with for miserable X.)