Friday, April 22, 2016

Success or failure rest solely on their individual efforts

                                                                                                   Author:  dimi15
Image: The Grace of Fencing (here)

S for Solitary vs Team Players in ABC of Sports

Sports and games are subject to individual preferences
One can excel in solitary pursuits or be part of a team
The mental attributes of the person will impose its will
on the type of games they want to get involved in

Those who excel in golf tennis fencing among others
push hard their personal best in their bid to win honors
They abhor contact games and are happy at their own pace
Success and failure rest solely on their individual efforts
In life they prefer research related jobs or if gregarious
by nature a sales job where individual flair is an advantage

Those who shine in team games are more compromising
in attitude and rejoice in contributing towards team success
In life they are patronizing in a good way giving a helping
hand most of the time and are less inclined to be selfish

In recruitment of staff successful football or hockey players
are preferred to golfers or tennis players for the same reason
Players of team games can contribute better towards team
success in their working environment than individual champs

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  1. Team vs individual sports really have a difference indeed. One can't just rely on themselves in team sports.

  2. Wonderf as always, sport is a team effort but when it is an individual sport yes, one has to pull out all the stops.

  3. Poets are mostly solitary players. Story tellers can play an individual or team game as they wish.


  4. The only team I've been on is a women's motorcycle club

  5. You nailed those details. I felt both aspects in my bones--in some cases quite literally. For instance, you can't be in the military (especially the Marine Corps) without being a team player. But goodness, I'm a selfish Aries, I can't denied it. So being in a team was a constant fight against my nature. But thank goodness for those other April baby characteristics. I've always being so determined not to fail at what I do, that not even my own non-virtues can keep me from doing my best. Oh, yes, and I'm very modest, too. :-D