Wednesday, September 3, 2014

a riveted-for-strength work wear!

                                                                                            Author:  Movethelife
Image: Butt Lifting Jeans (here)

Blue jeans classic wear started as tough
work durables borne out of a wrong move
Brought to the Gold Rush as shelter materials
for miners but remained unsold initially

When converted to work clothes as tough
pants it became an instant hit. In 1873 Levis
created a riveted-for-strength work wear
made of blue denim. They were granted a
patent. This was how the blue jeans was born
It was a great improvisation and it had
not  looked back since

Sometime in the early 50’s it was accepted
as casual wear and it retained respectability

In the 60’s youngsters had the choice of a
slim fit pair and blue gave way to white jeans

But young and old were all worked up in the
80’s when in a sultry voice Brook Shields said
in a commercial,
 ‘you know what comes between me and my
Calvin? Nothing!’        

(20 lines)

Laurie's hosting at Poetry Jam -  jeans -  to write
short take of 20 lines or less


  1. smiles...i like mine well worn in....i never was one for white jeans...they never seemed to stay i will take mine a beaten blue as well....and i remember that commercial....

  2. Ah, yes...jeans definitely have changed purposes and roles over the years. What once was purely for work now is fashionable for all.

  3. surely the 'jeans' have come a long way; have a nice Wednesday

    much love...

  4. Nice how you weaved the history of jeans into a poem. I like when my jeans no,longer look brand new but start having a history of their own.

  5. lol jeans sure can give one a lift haha just give me my worn blue ones any day

  6. They were the attire of hippies back in the day and how I loved the intriguing outfits everyone wore, wandering up and down Fourth Avenue as I pushed my baby buggy full of children one block down.......I didnt hear the quote by Brooke Shields, but it made me smile this morning.

  7. I looked up the history of jeans too. Well summed up here. And your photo made me smile--butt-lifting jeans. Well done.

  8. Great poem and i like the way you thread it together, Excellent

  9. Jeans have been around a long favorite pair are worn sit low on the hips and are soft from comfy..

  10. A very sultry ad that was....I like the backgrounder Hank ~

  11. When all is said and done ... denim jeans are a wardrobe staple ~ worldwide!!

  12. Good to remember the origin of jeans!