Monday, September 8, 2014

Schooled in intricacies of love

                                                                        Author: Edward Atkinson Hornel
Image: Dancing Geisha (Oil on Canvas) (here)

Wordle #25 words are:
courtesan  stillness  deliquesce (melt)
neon enunciate palpitant (uneasy)
ironic  peach lingerie thigh scrutiny ache

Courtesan of old
Schooled in intricacies of love
Finesse in retaining their men
Of trained geisha girl measures

Men who literally deliquesce
Drooling in stillness of nights
With neon lights dimmed not
feeling palpitant in their midst

They were ever willing to
enunciate moves in
peach innocence
Not having to be garbed
in sexy lingerie nor having
to ostensibly expose
more of their thighs

Ironic that being civil not overly
crude in pushing their wares
brought less ache or scrutiny
to their profession

How well they maintained
their well-mannered being

Very unlike present day
fakes cold  and scheming
who came on strong but
happy to leave their
men high and dry

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  1. It sure has changed many a time over and will continue to do so, fickle everyone is now a days

  2. In one culture refined in another sordid... I hadn't thought of it that way before.

  3. You painted a different time and era so well!

  4. I admit there is something so beautiful and intriguing about Geisha wonderfully done Hank!

  5. luv the painting you coupled your exquite words with; have a nice Monday

    much love...

  6. Ha. I read memories of a geisha.. and for sure scheming seem to have existed a long time.. but you use the words very well

  7. The courtesan of old certainly maintained her dignity, whereas today's call girls seldom have much self-worth.
    Very nicely done, Hank.
    Luv, K

  8. With time comes change, not always for the better

  9. Lovely ode to the Willow World. Such a different world from our own sexophobic society.

  10. This is an excellent portrait painted in words.