Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Struggling on a life-line

                                                                     Attribution: Finding Rescue  - Brooke Shadan
Image : Courtesy of Brooke Shadan (here)

Struggling on a life-line
Tied to some  purse strings
Tenaciously gripped in one hand
Precariously held on the brink

A socialite highly regarded
Held in high esteem by peers
But lately was discarded
By the one she loved

Flower in bloom on its own
Left alone unloved
Not of the best option
Held on just by sheer resolve

She was still left in conflict
Ringing in her ears at a loss
Mother’s truthful words made her sick
A life partner a painful choice

For Grace's hosting at d'Verse : Poetics:
Passion of Brooke Shaden


  1. A great write and good to read, Your message for the poem came across loud and clear.
    Have a good day.

  2. every choice has its consequence...both good and otherwise....
    who you will walk beside one of the most important
    because that will dictate where you get
    in many ways...

  3. Ah.. to be discarded.. only then we do understand the importance of the life-lines that help us stay on....

  4. That was probably a shock to her system to be discarded.

  5. Ouch, so painful to be discarded ~ You captured her anguish Hank, and sometimes we learn the truth when its too late ~ Thanks for playing along ~

  6. Can be an eye opener indeed, but life is all about choices

  7. Very well done - you did very well to use a concrete tale to make the point, and thus detail. The third stanza particularly powerful.

  8. it's painful to be discarded in a way - on the other it's more painful to walk on the side of someone who doesn't love you anymore... so she's free to start anew...

  9. a painful choice... and often we get what we deserve, this tied strongly to the picture

  10. Struggling on a life-line
    Tied to some purse strings

    Makes one wonder if she was in love with a what rather than a who.

  11. beautiful and powerful write Hank perfect for the image you've chosen

  12. A poor choice to go for the purse strings...

  13. Oh, Mother! (she often does know best…)

  14. gripping...sorry, that was a bad pun, but I still couldn't help myself.

    I think you capture your subject well...it can be hard to hold on when the only one there to support, love and care for you is you.