Monday, September 1, 2014

Waving off pretences of a rich man

                                                                                     Artist : Julian Falat
Image: An Old Man  (here)

The 10 words:
inimical (antagonistic) senescent
(growing old)threshold fracture
poltergeist static hang alarm
mephitic (foul,offensive) ivory

Not inimical to anyone he met
Senescent gracefully by himself
On the threshold of life’s twilight
Fractured future but always a smile

Wealth stashed in bank accounts
Like a poltergeist felt but not seen
Not static but increasing in amount
Waving off pretences of a rich man

Used to hang out with the youth
But alarmed at their mephitic stance
Eccentricity reminiscent of Hughes
Nice in his ways polite to everyone

Heard say upon his untimely demise
Ivory-like riches to be distributed fairly
To friends and those outwardly deprived
Not that difficult to find in any society

For Mindlovemisery's Menagerie week #24 and
Open Link Monday with Magaly at Real Toads


  1. To be living like Hughes in constant fear and shun the youth would be a long and painful end...

  2. Stark words that brings one down to earth with a bump, though excellently put.
    Great write,

  3. From King to pauper or vice versa, one can never predict the ways of time.

  4. Picturing certain wealth as a poltergeist is such a terrifying thought... What would these entities ask for, demand, and squeeze out of their trappers...

  5. Those were quite some jaw-breaker words to turn into poetry! Well done, hank. Great painting as accompaniment.

  6. Wow you have done an amazing job with the words and I love the way you have used them, poltergeist was used in such a powerful way outstanding

  7. Riches can sure be a burden as well, watching the prying eyes upon you. But doubt I'll ever h ave to worry about that lol

  8. Powerful write....~ 'Fractured future but always a smile' ~ appreciate the smile and positivity here :)x

  9. Well I like that he is giving away his riches to those who need it ~ I like the way you used poltergeist in the story ~ And what a word list ~

  10. beautiful write; have a nice Monday

    much love...

  11. A fine saga of a man with vision.

  12. what we do with what we have
    is how we will be remembered

    or not.

  13. Well done Hank, great use of the words and lovely to see Howard get a mention in a poem.

  14. Ambitious word use, particularly poltergeist. Love the description of this humble man's unpretentious philosophy. Great write.

  15. Especially drawn to this:
    "On the threshold of life’s twilight
    Fractured future but always a smile"