Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tenderness of travel is really an art

                                                                                    Attribution:  Dr Meierhofer
Image:  Travels of old  (here)

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tenderness art capture neglected tactics energy
attack treachery alliance  fire scheme ardor

Tenderness of travel is really an art
Capture of scenes pleasing to the eye
Should not be neglected for a start
Tactics of observation not to defy

Energy for endurance and mobility
An attack to the treachery of tiredness
Only then accorded by nature’s beauty
Of new places and scenic fondness

Alliance of thrills and quiet relaxation
For travels with friends or own family
To fire up joys of undisturbed vacation
Spruce up scheme of holidays ultimately

To spice up the ardor
of a seasoned traveler

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  1. Yes Hank, travel is an art as I well know, I enjoy to travel but oh the jet lag on one's return?
    Good to read.

  2. Oh! The pleasure in capturing scenes - how well you describe it :)

  3. Tiredness can sure catch up with you quick, need to sleep or a week haha

  4. Most people are too busy getting from point A to point B to really take in the scenery.

  5. Ah, yes....I think when we travel we do capture scenes in our mind (or with a camera) that we want to remember for a long time to come. Travel definitely spruces up a holiday!

  6. Traveling is an art, and like art, it can be taught and refined. When I travel I try and capture scenes with my camera as well as impressions my soul will remember.

  7. "undisturbed vacation" … even these are difficult these day what with cell phone, e-mail, etc.

  8. Maybe because of the prompt, and the current warring around the world, I have the military in my mind. So I started thinking about life as a service member, moving from place to place every couple of years (and sometimes moving for a few months within the same orders). We were artists to be able to get to a new place--countries that sometimes didn't want us there--and still make a home... for a while.

    "Tenderness of travel is really an art," indeed. Particularly when the circumstances aren't even close to ideal...

  9. exactly the things a traveler needs... "Energy for endurance and mobility
    An attack to the treachery of tiredness" a must...well said Hank :)

  10. Travel is an acquired taste.. It takes an effort but the reward is great.

  11. Hank, what an inspired sonnet! thanks for adding your voice ~

  12. This reminded me of the time we spent four weeks in Wyoming at our cabin and when we got back our oldest, about three ran around the house touched things and then rolled on the floor in happiness. that was ardor, but for the coming home.

  13. so interesting..the tenderness of travel... i think it's a cool description...we need a certain sensitivity to really take in a new place

  14. I love your words "scenic fondness". I so adore just looking at the changing scenery when I travel - always a feast for the eyes.

  15. Love it! A quieter piece prompted by words of war.