Sunday, September 7, 2014

as he dashed across

                                                                                Attribution: J Charlton
Image: On horse-back (here)

The words are:
ball bullets dismal edge 
horses locks meandering 
plant rose signal spot thrust

He had a ball of a time. Bullets 
whizzing past his head. A dismal 
sharpshooter was trying to but not 
shooting. The shots went wide

He had the edge for the horses
were disturbed by the din and 
were acting crazy. It accorded 
him a distraction. Shots were not 
getting to the target meaning him

Meandering river below could
offer an escape route so he thought
His locks of silvery hair now 
sweaty under his Stetson told 
him it was time to go He was 
waiting for a signal. 

Suddenly there was a lull in the 
shooting. This afforded him a 
spot of relief. 

He thrust himself forward and 
ran. A rose plant in front with 
thorns and all did not deter him 
as he dashed across and jumped
onto a horse. A dog tried to
intercept him but he managed
to get away.
Life as a stuntman was not easy!

For Brenda's hosting of
Sunday Whirl# 177


  1. Great ending...was right there in the wild west and then ended up in Pinewood studios! :)

  2. For all the stars kept from danger by the stuntmen's daring do, they did occasionally suffer for their art while the hero took refreshments in his trailer.

  3. Stuntman! Clever - didn't see that coming. Had a real flair for the Old West there.

  4. haha stuntman, nice twist. They never have it easy indeed

  5. There is a sense of brutality when I read this.

    1. Dear Pakcik
      In a world of make belief yes! It is likely so


  6. ha. no. being a stuntman...doing what others fear doing...and taking the risks...i imagine is not easy all...

  7. What a story of brave one...Nice use of words xx

  8. Love the story and the twist was perfect, Hank.


  9. Hhahaha, great ending for the poem.

  10. Great .. I didn't expect that ending .. I thought we were back in the Wild West! Loved it Hank and it made me smile!

  11. I think I've seen that film! Redolent of the wild west in every line. Bravo.

  12. I like action and adventure tales and didn't even notice the wordle words. Enjoyed the twist on the end as well,


  13. Smooth writing, Hank. Great western with a surprise ending.