Thursday, September 25, 2014

Excruciating stomach pains

Image1: Whole Body Infected with Tapeworms (here)

                                                                         Attribution: Mikael Haggstrom
Image2: The Tell Tale Signs (here)

The words:
explosive popcorn skin adequate
trance track bacon emperor parasite

Excruciating stomach pains
Not unlike explosive popcorn
Itchy skin dogged him lately
He had to endure both ailments
Medication were properly
administered but not adequate
It did not alleviate the pains

More in a trance when
the doctor did the scan
It was then they realized
His whole body was infected

The doctor did track the cause
He had a dislike for bacon
It led him to try sushi and sashimi 
He was eating like an emperor

Contaminated raw fish
With larvae of tapeworms
Multiplied in his system
It could be life threatening
if the parasites could find
their way to his brains

For Thomg's hosting at 3WW # 394 and
Irene's at Red Wolf Poems  Wordle #27


  1. oh the thought is rather stomach turning, ha...yikes...i have had a touch of food poisoning before...and it was brutal...

  2. Damn Hank...I hope this didn't really happen!

    1. It did apparently Keith! The first image was a real episode!


  3. Very graphic and detailed account, hope it was not you this happened to.
    Very well written and informative.

  4. Eww...but good! I think I may give popcorn a miss for a while as well as fish :~

  5. I feel like I will never eat sushi or sashimi ever again

  6. So glad I don't eat raw fish, but yeah those worms can be nasty critters. Yuck indeed

  7. Can't even imagine having all of those in me.

  8. Oh, ugh, you did a great job explaining this but now my skin is crawling.

  9. I saw this it seemed terrible for the poor fellow love how you incorporated this into a poem.

  10. sad tale, must be cautious with what you eat

    The Sunshine

  11. A creative use of the words, Hank.