Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Being the other woman!

                                                                                             Attribution: Tom Bagshaw
Image: Courtesy of Yves (here)

Do you know what it means to be the
other woman. There is a man up for grabs
Your contention he is not to be shared
He has a wife and a beautiful little girl
To you that is not important at all. You claim 
you can provide for his emotional needs
A promise his wife has neglected to keep
That was what he said

You are in no mood to double check
Was he telling you the truth? He said she
is causing hell. Her life revolves around 
the little girl.He is beginning even to 
dislike them both. How he craves for the 
warmth that she had unfailingly given before.
But not any more you are his only hope
That was what he said

He had to prepare his own breakfast
Lunch was not a problem though. You are 
there as a convenient lunch date sharing
romantically every time a plate It is fun 
having lunch these days he said. He would 
love to have dinner just with you instead 
For back home he can just expect some 
Japanese noodles ready-made. How you 
gritted your teeth. How can she does that to 
my man you mused. You might even want 
to destroy her for being so ruthless to your 
man. He feels like taking his own life
That was what he said

You are currently unperturbed. He is 
showering gifts galore to you. But it was 
nothing compared you what you used to get 
But not to worry. His wife is not getting any 
more presents. You will be getting her share 
besides yours more than you had dreamed
That was what he said

For Yves' hosting at Mindlovemisery's 
Menagerie with photo Challenge #25


  1. A slippery slope, believing every word even when action isn't taken, best to avoid indeed

  2. Well, that's a really crappy relationship going south at a fast rate!

  3. heart breaks.............. in galore

  4. "that was what he said" says it all. It is a clever way of showing a realistic picture.

  5. Always check
    For what the heck
    He was lying
    Now you can't stop crying
    Clichés a plenty causing pain
    Make it rain

    Hi Hank!

  6. Great tale Hank and I like the voice you used and the use of the present. very well done.

  7. I like the last line of each stanza, that was what he said ~ of course, the reality could be different as he wants you to be the other woman ~ Good one Hank ~

  8. This is certainly doomed, that guy sounds like an immature ass. Even though I don't condone what the female is doing I think many of us can be accused of some stupidity when it comes to love and relationships though.

    Excellent job with this tho

  9. It's so tough being the other woman.

  10. That is one doomed relationship. Nicely done!

  11. Love can blind anyone...
    And this is one such classic example...
    I dont know if what he said is true...
    But, I just know that what he is doing is wrong...
    And also what the other woman is doing!!

  12. I know many other women and it rarely turns out well.

  13. I like the tone you used...showing all sides to this with your pricesless last phrase at each stanza. Well done!!