Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Unleashed with devastating effect

                                                                                          Artist: Giovanni Tiepolo
Image: The Procession into Troy (here)

Pull a fast one to cloak evil intentions
It has been in the game since the Greeks
did one on Troy

They sailed away left the horse in
its belly with 20 of the best and
fully armed

Towed into Troy as a prize of war
But in the stealth of night stole out
to open the gates

Thus a simple strategy to hoodwink
and outwit to win a war

So also in modern times there is no
let up. Given half a chance to test
his skills there was that smart alec
who had appropriately named it
point blank a ‘Trojan Horse’

Unleashed with devastating effect not
many years ago affecting not just the
innocents of gaming, computer geeks
but so also corporate giants.

And they are still around apparently
for the big kill on an anniversary of
some sort

Just as well as one has to be on guard
Intelligence can be used in many different
ways to satisfy the elements of greed in
a crook’s twisted mind

Note: Abhra has it in d'Verse to tie up mythology 
with modern happenings

For Abhra's hosting at d'Verse 
Poetics: Modern Mythologies


  1. Great lesson about Troy with your expertise of writing made this an excellent post.

  2. ah the trojan horse virus...yes, that left an effect for sure..hiding inside something else...def a tactic we still employ...a bomb in the food supplies etc etc etc....

  3. Good write. I hope there are no trojan horses still around to increase the devastation of war.

  4. I think that the idea of trojan horses - both past and present - strike fear in our hearts. Thankfully I have avoided them. Smiles.

  5. It was a great strategy, so great that they still use it, that stupid trojan virus was awful.

  6. Greed is the big problem. Cool take on the prompt.

  7. Hank,

    The story of the Trojan horse was brilliant and in many ways still a hidden weapon.

  8. ah yes - computer hackers stole the trojan horse idea.. and many more did as well

  9. you and I were certainly thinking along the same lines! Great take!

  10. Alas the Trojan horse seem to reinvent itself into our computers.

  11. very nice comparison and these viruses really mess up things!

  12. Trojan horse nicely plated here Hank...a brilliant and very timely take on the prompt...

  13. ... and there is nothing new under the sun... cool picture

  14. When I was a student, long back, I wrote a technical paper on network security and that is how I started, smiles - yes, we can perhaps arguably the best adaptation from mythology that modern day espionage has taken after. Well done. Thanks for joining my prompt.

  15. Yes, makes us wonder what is actually going on inside our computers doesn't it. Well done.

  16. For me, the Trojan Horse myth is all about the weakness of greed, why gambling can become an addiction, why con men can get a grip on our life, why something for nothing created Ponzie schemes; & yes, hackers upset my life for the second time i two years through my email; a never ending sad state of affairs; like war in the Middle East, right?

  17. Right on the money, this sly old Trojan horse trick!

  18. i have to think that the second kind of 'just for fun' Trojan horse.. even without the deaths.. in someways is even more negative.. as it is most often only done for fun..and sh88s and giggles.. to create harm for others.. as time not only is money.. it is life..and to take it away for unnecessary problems is a soulless way to spend some time..:) without life.. at least....

    But with that said.. have a nice day..2 and smiles 2:):)!