Friday, September 5, 2014

fair lady lying supine in a trance!

Image: Courtesy of Anja

Dreams of a satiated in throes of hunger
Images of a fair lady lying supine in a trance
Not wanting to distract her from slumber
Being outwardly tactful to one so human

Grappling with conflicts in all innocence
Not to be caught up in realms of fantasy
Berated by those vying for his attention
Desire to cushion the impact most likely

Not to compromise on good intentions
Must overcome from any feelings of failure
Cry for justice taken with no repercussions
Kiss!  Awakened, to live happily ever after

For Anja's Mindlovemisery's Menagerie
with Fairy tale picture prompt #24


  1. I agree with Alex, wonderfully written and a pleasure to read.

  2. Get that kiss in and with a little sin, enjoy happily ever after indeed

  3. Alex does make a fine point haha This is exceptional Hank love it!

  4. Oh! the Sleeping Beauty story!! So fanciful and lovely Hank!!

  5. oh i'm glad he kissed her finally.... never imagined that he had such a fight - ha

  6. Lovely write! and sometimes a kiss is not "just" a kiss.

  7. Beautifully take on this prompt Hank. Very well done enjoyed your interpretation very much.

  8. Lovely Hank ... could Snow White or Sleeping Beauty be any lovlier. A find fairy tale in the best fashion! I loved it!

  9. Indeed 'not to compromise' but the princess must be awakened' the spell must break -a questioning poem -straining to commit