Wednesday, September 3, 2014

rain and lightning cracking the heavens

                                                                                                     Author: CE Price
Image: Stormy weather (here)

Stormy weather by all indications was going
to be fiercely contested. Left to the vagaries
of weather uncertainties the force of strength
would clobber all in its path without exception
leaving wanton destruction in its wake

Uprooted trees laid haphazardly in drunken
stupor as a result of heavy lashings of high 
winds. Those remaining still standing were 
ostensibly standing tall refusing temptations 
of bribery of common cause but rather with 
sheer guts steadfast in their resolve

Those upholding justice were rather skeptical 
as would not buy into it and were less inclined 
to follow suit. It was left to the respective 
individuals to act according to their conscience
to the best of their ability given restrictive choices

Dancing to the rampaging strains of wild music
evil with a twisted smile feeling overly satisfied
seemed to have triumphed over the just and
gleefully smacking their lips with sheer ecstasy
They came with accompanying dark clouds
rain and lightning cracking the heavens above
such was the ferocity of a spurned lover

For Thomg's hosting at 3WW with words
bribery clobber skeptical and Poets United's
mid-week motif  -  stormy weather


  1. Wow! Love this personification of trees, left to judge the storm themselves and thus their own appropriate behavior. Spurned! Ha. WIsh I had thought of that.

    1. I guess your name isn't Rainbow for nothing!

    2. Susan Ma'am,
      Rainbow can turn out to be dark colors too, I guess especially to picture out that spurned lover thing. Thanks!


  2. Trees and people, both caught in the storm! Nice.

  3. At first I thought this was about a mud slinging political contest but the last line changed all that. Pow!!!

  4. Caught and nowhere to go, mother nature can laugh and all you can do is take cover.

  5. What a description ...I almost can feel the effect of storm...nicely done..

  6. That is a fierce storm!

  7. Boy, that was some storm, we had a bad one a few weeks ago .
    A great write.
    The problem is Friend Connect, I can't follow through them only through readers on dashboard. thanks for following me. Have had one hell of a day pc wise.

  8. I love how you personified the weather

  9. I love anything that personifies Mother Nature...well done sir :)

  10. "Uprooted trees laid haphazardly in drunken / stupor"...what an image!!..great lines and the last line is mind blowing...

  11. Storms on so many different levels...the final verse is the all important clap of thunder I think though

  12. You've really described so many facets of a storm here, Hank. So many details.

  13. Nice. So many storms in this world. You captured the essence of the turmoil they can cause. Well done.

  14. A few years ago we had a storm so severe here the power was out for six days - I lived in a trailer then and it was so cold ice INSIDE , in the sink, didnt melt for days!!!!! My dogs stayed still under the blankets I put on them - that's how cold it was.....

  15. Nice... I especially like the final stanza.

  16. sounds a bit like the storm we had last night
    the whole household was awake at midnite
    it was so ferocious...some limbs down today...

  17. That's the kind of storm that gets named.

  18. You get much better storms than we do.

  19. Sounds like some trees stood their ground as
    the storm whirled around them.

  20. A very interesting take on storms. Well done.

  21. Hank,

    A magnificent read..I love the evolving images of the damage, especially the drunken trees. They remind me of many city centres at the weekends. A dreadful sight to witness as well... Great poem for the prompt Hank.:)


  22. storms sure damage so many things..very nice Hank:)

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