Saturday, September 6, 2014

Has it turned into a safe drug now?

                                                                                       Attribution: Jynto
Image:  A ball-and-stick model of the thalidomide molecule
(an infamous sedative drug that caused severe birth defects
when pregnant women took it) - Wiki  (here)

Why me? Why it must be me!
I've not been hurting to others
There’s not been an iota of bad
intentions. I've not dreamed of
any ill-feelings nor am I scheming
towards hurting  anyone!

Instead I’m being made to suffer!
Thalidomide babies!

I had only sought relief from
morning sickness. I would not want
to hurt my baby! But my baby
was handicapped!

I've been told these drugs are now
widely used in cancer therapy.
The anguish of mothers affected
before was most tragic. I just could
not fathom the decision to still
use these drugs.

Has it turned into a safe drug now?
Why was it released before without
proper research. It beats me!

For Mindlovemisery' Menagerie Prompt # 71
to write on -  'why me? and Mary's hosting
at Poets United's Poetry Pantry #217


  1. A question so many have asked Hank. No use to the many babies born with defects as a result of this drug. Well written.

  2. Drugs can have good and bad effects. T. is horrible during pregnancy but doesn't mean that it wont help alleviate other issues, I guess.

  3. self medication is should always consult a doctor before popping pills..

  4. My mother was offered Thalidomide by her doctor when she was carrying me, but she refused because it was a new drug, such are the decisions people make. This strikes a cord with me. There but for the grace of God.

    1. Thank God the alMighty alan! You've been blessed!


  5. Such a tragic situation this so many of our drugs have horrendous side-effects that is why I research everything the doctor wants to prescribe before hand but even if you do there is a lot of suspect stuff going on with pharmaceuticals

  6. Strong. I remember reading about the thalidomide tragedy. I hope the medical profession has learned a little lesson from that.

    I liked the use of that image of the molecule to illustrate the poem as well.

  7. That's the million dollar question Hank, and quite a valid question, one I don't know the answer to.
    My doctor presciibed some medication for me some time ago , on reading the inside leaflet it said DO NOT TAKE IF EPILETIC............i HAVE BEEN EPILETIC FOR OVER 30 YEARS. I am very careful what I take.
    Thanks for bringing this important issue to the fore.

  8. We poison ourselves in so many ways, unknowing.

  9. money.

    money is why our safety is damned.

  10. Wow, I had not realized that they were using Thalidomide again! I do hope it is a safer version, but I also agree with J Cosmo Newbery.

  11. How tragic! These pharmaceutical companies often forget the responsibility levied on them... So sad that a drug which was not properly tested and researched was launched and which further raised such saddening stories.
    Brave and thoughtful writing.

  12. Yes I had heard about the usage coming back.. But maybe it's tested now .. and the side-effect is known.. I could have been born like that...

  13. I don't understand the genetic shenanigans that results in search for a cure. Good point made.

  14. $$$$ is what it is all about, screw what happens to everyone else

  15. Get those questions out there. A poem is a good vehicle for the anguish of one so hurt to prevent hurt to others!

  16. when studying midwifery this fact shocked could they give something to a pregnant woman not knowing if it's safe or not. and for something that isn't life-threatening as morning sickness.

  17. Anything to make a buck ... I think pharmaceutical drugs have their place, but so often it seems they're introduced as a panacea to anything and everything, even when research proves that lifestyle changes are more effective than the drug.

  18. one drug and the damage is unimaginable...

  19. I didnt know they use it now for cancer treatment., Wow, Hank. I share your wonderment.

  20. Well, i hope if they are using it, that it's safe now. But i can't help but be skeptical.

  21. The lives that were affected- so tragic.

  22. I believe Douglas Adams would say "Mostly Harmless" would be the right way to say it.

  23. So many risks… I know for myself a the medications I take have risky side effects but for me the quality of life benefits are worth it… but the thalamide baby situation… that is so tragic… no one knew the risks.

  24. Hank can tHank there was none in the Tank ~

  25. I don't take medications easily. Haven't trusted them since that disaster and probably never will...