Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Handler

                                                    Image by by Robert & Shana ParkeHarrison

Picture Credit: Courtesy of Tess' Magpie

Get on with it man, do your job
Bring out the big wrench
Hurry with it man you are no flop
You’ve shown your good sense
You’ve been at it for a long while
No muddle no fumble
You’ve been good with your guiles
And don’t stumble, What?
The cog and wheels’ on the ground
Who could have done that!
Those with no qualms
With whom did you last  have a spat
Got to be aware
And be prepared
Rivals can be nasty
They play dirty
Your efforts in tatters
Make matters worst

Ok, not to even things
Act nice and prim
Always seek and procure
Providence is an equalizer

Submitted for Tess' Magpie#109 


  1. wow this was a rip man...nice rhyming and fun little bit...rivals can be nasty and play dirty...that i do know...smiles...

  2. Yes Brian! That we must be a step ahead all the time and feel safe!


  3. I think it's called the rat race! Well described here too!

  4. yes Hank, it's a wow, it rhymes with texture and good message.

  5. Nice Rhyming :)
    "Rivals can be nasty
    They play dirty"... so true :)

  6. Daydreamer - the rat race it is!

    oceangirl - thanks!

    Madhulika - even among friends sometimes


  7. Always having to keep one eye open to stay head
    Or you may just wind up career dead
    Oh the rat race is a pain
    But fun rhyming here at your lane

  8. I very much like the line you have taken here. Well thought out.

  9. Hank, I put those scoundrels on level with computer virus developers and those who put rolls of TP into the toilet. Just make a mess of everything.

    BTW, I tend to read words rapidly and read the second line as
    Bring out the big wench
    That was before I knew the context.

    Is this an oil derrick the fellow is working on? Or like a tool pusher for a drilling operation?

  10. Yeah, bring the big wrench! Nice one, Hank...

  11. I like the colloquial, chatty tone of this, and "Rivals can be nasty
    They play dirty".

    Nice work!

  12. I've had a few rivals cross my path, where was the big wrench when I needed it? Nice Mag!!

  13. Yeah, but sometimes it takes a lifetime for providence to equalize...

  14. great take on the prompt, and great flow

  15. Where others see chance i see fate, where they see coincidence, i see providence" - Morpheus