Sunday, March 18, 2012

Having the Blues

Listless and tired
Lost and groping in the dark
In the wilderness

Not coming your way
Devoid of a direction
In a dreamlike stance

Like clouds in the sky
Figurines of many hues
Drifting and timeless

Am having the blues
Semblance of a soulless being
Renders one helpless

Rise, search your conscience
Tranquil and serene yonder
Ask and be informed

Submitted to Haiku Heights # 111 with prompt - Blue


  1. Like clouds in the sky
    Figurines of many hues
    Drifting and timeless....captures the blues well for me...for me this bluesy feeling is going beyond feeling always carries a certain soulfulness, an inspiring depth beneath its melancholic cover..and often takes us to new shores....i like..

  2. This piece does indeed capture the feeling you set out to depict. The clipped style suits it admirably, yet you do not often find them together. Full marks for doing so.

  3. Feels like you wrote this for me, I am having the blues Hank. I savour the last stanza but I can only go as far as rise, search your conscience, for I already have the answer.

  4. Beautiful and lots of new words for me... Awesome Pareng Hank!..


  5. My winter blues are fading with the serene and tranquil sky....

    Have a good day ~

  6. The blues can be a fickle thing
    But they are fading more with spring
    At least for most
    Not lingering like a ghost
    And ask an be informed
    Should be the norm

  7. it captured the 'blues' well :)
    Nicely penned :)

  8. I like how you end on a promising note.

  9. nice images, such as the figurines of many hues

    senryu of blues & honesty

  10. i hope you break those blues man...def there seems to be some hope int hat third stanza...rise up man...and rock on...

  11. This resonates from the beginning to the end ... the blues can be great inspiration!