Monday, March 12, 2012


                                                             Image: Uzengia Aleksander Nedic
Picture Credit: Courtesy of Tess' Magpie

Rue to the one who thinks
there is light at the end
What apparition, playing tricks
my being is being put to test
My eyes are seeing things
There is someone, is there?
Check !

A special one beckoning in the distance
An uncanny resemblance
I can make out
Looks like…yes, it is her!
My, how she had transformed
Sultry in the shadows
My wanderlust is over
Squinting in the dark
I ask, is it for real?
Stagnant in thoughts
Check again!

Undaunted I surged  forward
I called out her name
I waited….

There was no response
Just the cool of the night
There was nothingness
My stomach squirmed
My head was  spinning
My mind numbed
I yearned  for her
I reached  out

My senses malfunctioned
In the dark I was alone
I cowered in solitude
Lost in thoughts…
She had been long gone
Reality is not easy to accept
But dreams linger on...

A quiet prayer….solace in silence!
There’ll be someone…

Inspired by Tess' Magpie #108


  1. def feel the longing...and sometimes it is hard to seperate that dream and reality you know...esp when the longing is so great....

  2. Reality can be disappointing when you wake to it, but then that is life I guess sometimes one big mess.

  3. the mirage can be a setback, but the longing is really a yearning that makes us beautiful and human, seeking more. this is the sense i get from this very well crafted piece.

  4. I like the way you ended this sad poem .. on a positive note. 'there'll be someone'

  5. There is always, hope.
    This shows a sad, wistful yearning invoking lovely images of a lost love.
    Very lovely writing.

  6. The longing palpable here--great take on prompt. K.

  7. there will be someone! Lovely poignant piece.

  8. Keep the dream's beautiful...

  9. "sense malfunctioning" that describes the picture perfectly

    depth of field

  10. Lovely write - and there will be someone.

    Anna :o]