Saturday, March 3, 2012

Life's Directions

                                                                           Walter Smith's Abstract 02
Image:1 Courtesy of dVerse as hosted by Sheila

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Perfection at its best
Spherical in nature
Can never go wrong
Commence at one point
Anywhere on its surface
Gets one to the other side
To meet at its beginning  again

Life tests along the same lines
But life presents alternatives
As it allows change of directions
That enriches life’s experiences
Commencing from one point
But with planned alternatives
Brings joy if taken in many directions
One meets life’s challenges
Attaining success and recognition
But not always
Only the sphere is perfect
Human failings, greed, dishonesty
Amongst others ensured the downfall
Sadly of good intentions
Of muddled priorities

Inspired by d'Verse - Poetics Awareness of Experience


  1. Pareng Hank, again, this is wondeful..


  2. Yes, we humans are blessed with free choice. As I try to teach my very stubborn teen, our choices give us consequences, good or bad, depending on which way we go. Sadly, we each have to learn from the pain that teaches us that we made mistakes though eh?
    Lovely prose Hank.

  3. The captcha code thing is gone, :)

  4. smiles...the sphere is perfect...and life does give us freedom to change directions...hopefully we make the right choices and turn for the good...regardless we will find consequences...

  5. The freedom to change
    And rearrange
    Although many often request
    Few every put it to the test
    But it is there
    Should one care

  6. Thanks Daydreamertoo for the feedback! I'm glad!


  7. Well done Hank ~

    I like the perfection of the sphere contrasting with human failings and muddled priorities ~

    Happy day to you~

  8. Great contrast in this piece. If only more people would set aside their "muddled priorities" the world would be a much different place. Very thought provoking piece.

  9. I agree with the others about "muddled priorities" — very well said, Hank. Once we get those straight, we can choose the right direction, or choose to change direction.

  10. Oh Hank, this is really good. I saw that picture and thought who could come up with a vision on that and you did, and so well. True, we roll like a ball in our life's directions. Everything is in God's hand and our ultimate direction is to meet Him in the end.

  11. I like this a lot...the perfection of symmetrical alignment...parabolic connections that can diverge or divert

    Peace ☮

  12. So interesting and wise to focus on "muddled intentions." They are not something we always think of as an obstacle, and yet they do get us off track (even on a sphere!) Great response to prompt. K.

  13. And commenting is working wonderfully! I sometimes have a lot of trouble with blogger. K>

  14. ParengJJ
    Thanks dude!

    Thanks Ma'am! We're not free of mistakes. But we can avoid those glaring ones1

    That is right! There are consequences to think when we choose directions

    If only everyone cares
    Life would be a ball
    Sadly not many would dare
    And ended up with some bad falls


  15. Grace,
    Thanks Ma'am. Happy day to you too!

    Thanks Ma'am.Human failings somehow stained the thinking.

    Thanks Ma'am. It's making the right choices eventually.

    Thanks Ma'am. Yes, it's God's will but we can make a difference if we choose to!

    Thanks, "symmetrical alignment...parabolic connections" that's a good twist to it.


  16. Manicddaily,
    Thanks Ma'am! Yes, muddled thinking get us off tangent.

    When I decided to do away with the WV it got me back to the old format also. Now we cannot immediately see the comments unless we decide to post one. Also we can't comment directly after each comment. Oh well we can't have the cake and eat it, I guess!

    I hope blogger is kind to you after this!


  17. Sadly of good intentions
    Of muddled priorities -

    how true! the flow of thoughts in this piece was lovely. Thanks for sharing your wonderful verse.

  18. and thanks for disabling word verification. When people on blogger use it, I cannot post comments using my wordpress ID. so much appreciated.

  19. Sheila Ma'am,
    I'm glad. Apparently many have disabled it. I'm trying to see if I can go back to the format of making comments and seeing them immediately.


  20. But life presents alternatives
    As it allows change of directions
    That enriches life’s experiences...yep...there's enough room for us to make our choices and decide to go one or the other way..this is what i's like "game" of consistant change, depending on the decisions we make..nicely done sir

  21. I've read quite a few responses to the prompt, but you are the first to have tackled the same image as I did. I'm pleased it's you and I am most impressed with your take on it. Fine work.

  22. Claudia,
    Thanks Ma'am! Life's myriads of directions determine the different consequences, that is true!


  23. Thank you Dave! Don't forget we also share a similar template to start with. So our choices tended to follow too on rare occasions like this!


  24. Cuma punya cuba nak teka apa benda bulat yang cantik itu. Mengaku kalah lah apa nak buat.

  25. Congratulations! No more frustration for not getting things right.

  26. Dear Pak Cik,
    The sphere as a prompt can lead to anything. Normally I would make short postings to get my ideas across. So far so good. Thanks for your visits!


  27. Thank you for the visit and comment. I'm staying out of fast waters at present, too cold for me. ;) No word verification so far. Thanks.