Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm At Odds

Note: I choose to re-post this oldie from my other blog, 'birdhouse'. This was inspired by prompt no. 29 for 2010, of Writer's Island -  Quandry

Saturday, November 13, 2010
Image: Courtesy of Google images

I’m in a Quandry

He swore he was not going to lose sleep over it,
After all, it was such a trivial matter
He didn’t expect it could come to this
Others had been guilty of far worst
Couldn’t  we just let bygones be bygones?
To ere is human and to forgive is divine
Let us trace how it began
It happened innocently enough
She bumped into her
Whom she hadn’t seen the likes since they went separate ways
Dictated by her father’s transfer
The vagaries of the job of a law officer
Ever changing house,
ever on the move
What was it, 10 yrs ago?
Yes it was that long.
That was when she was abandoned
She was a bother then
Now she came back into her life
It’s not going to be easy for me
It’s going to cause strife
There’s now someone
Vying for her affections
So demure, so loving so warm
How she had missed her , her favourite
Longingly looking at her
With dreamy eyes so sincere
If we hadn’t turn into that corner
We may not have met her
Now there she was
It had been a long time
She couldn’t resist
It was not going to happen again, not ever
She could not pass this over
I gave in

She went nearer , looked in her eyes
She swore this was it
The moment of reckoning
The one she had missed
Beautiful , tender and warm
We paid for it,
we brought home
A Siamese cat
for a pet!

Submitted for Poetry Pantry #90


  1. A lovely read. Wonderfully composed poem. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Agreed with the comment above, thanks for the share!

  3. Thanks,Chevrefeuille and sonnema! Appreciate it!


  4. Cat lovers everywhere will appreciate this!

  5. hahaha the cat likes this
    Paying for it with a bit of bliss and a whole lot of hiss..haha

  6. Kim and Pat,
    Cat lovers,both! Thanks!


  7. Kim and Pat,
    Cat lovers,both! Thanks!


  8. smiles...i knew pat would like this...we have 2 cats, one is 13 years old and the other 7 months now...the first was rescued from a wood pile...the second from the pound....enjoyed this read hank...you are good peeps...

  9. I've never met a cat I didn't like.

  10. Dear Hank,
    That is a good meow. Siamese is a proud cat.

  11. Who could resist those blue eyes?

  12. There's nothing like a cross eyed mouthy Siamese cat to brighten up your day. They know they are royalty.