Saturday, March 24, 2012


The conquerors of Everest - Sir Edmund Hillary (left) and Sherpa Tenzing
Image: Courtesy of Google images

Note: The feat was accomplished on May 29, 1953, a fitting coronation present to Her Majesty the Queen of England who was crowned on June 02, 1953

A punishing pace
Battles on sweating it out
Like Pheidippides

Marathon runners
That endurance is foremost
Pulling on taut veins

Sweating profusely
Glistening pearls in the sun
Grunting and panting

Because it was there
The Hilary Tenzing duo
The pull of challenge

Acclaimed as heroes
A fitting endurance feat
Coronation joy

Submitted to Haiku Heights #112 - Endurance


  1. whata crazy expedition eh...gotta love those that tackled the untamed territories...have alway shad a great affinity for the likes of them and lewis and clark and shackleton....and such...nice write hank

  2. thanks for sharing this... :-) indeed a nice write...


  3. Googled for the 3 names. Lewis and Clark to the Pacific coast and the 'Endurance' of Shackleton to Antarctica. Apparently Shackleton's was all the more amazing.

    The'Endurance' was crushed by ice. The crew had to survive in the cold and amazingly none died. Thanks Brian, for this bit of American history


  4. well written haiku ~ thanks ~ namaste, ^_^

  5. Surely was quites the feat
    Tackling the wilderness like no other
    And getting to the top
    Ahead of the crop

  6. What a test of endurance ~

    Enjoyed the scenes from the challenge ~

  7. What an amazing accomplishment that your haiku bring out well, and the black & white pictures heightens the effect.

  8. They're mad, but remarkable people. I guess we have to be mad to thrive.

  9. i love when people are brave enough to try things that no one did before..going to the extreme...endurance for sure...have high respect for them..

  10. When you think about the equipment they had back then to what they have now, it was an even more amazing climb.
    Well penned Hank!

  11. Coronation joy... and maybe pride. If I remember it correctly Sir Hillary visited my part of SE Asia in 2003 (I remember the media here raving about it).

    Sorry for the late visit. My internet was acting up. Have a great week.

  12. What a nice tribute to these men and their accomplishments. Well written. Thank you.

  13. "pull of challenge" just one example of the excellent writing here!