Wednesday, March 21, 2012


The KidZania is in town! It opened recently at the Curve. An indoor family edu-tainment centre, it provided entertainment of real life situations in a make believe world. It is fun as the kids get to do activities like adults. Upon paying the entrance fee (of an USD 17 equivalent) each kid would be given a cheque for 50 KidZos.

They would then go to the bank to open an a/c, and got issued with an ATM card. It was a taste of the grown up world in a ‘city’ built for kids. The kids could pick from nearly 90 activities while in the ‘city’ They earned KidZos currency while performing the tasks, and the money was kept in the KidZania bank for them to spend at the gift shop and on non-free KidZania activities. (Wiki)

 First opened in Mexico in 1999, it is now available at 9 locations in 7 countries around the world.

KidZania, Oh boy!
What real fun being adults
We are big boys now!
(A haiku for the occasion)

During the recent school holidays, Norman and Kimie (read: grandchildren) got the fun of their life when we brought them to experience what KidZania was all about. Since the attraction had just been opened there was a bit of a crowd. Queuing up took a lot of time and they could only 'play' a few of them.

Image:1  Kimie (on the left) and Norman got their first taste of the KidZania phenomena. Here they were at the computer at the CSI working out on their case

 Image:2 Those who got to play the CSI role lining up for instructions
Image:3 At the CIMB Bank, Norman (foreground) and Kimie (in the background) to open their bank a/cs. This was one of the first acts to do upon arrival.

 Image:4 At the Marrybrown Fast Food outlet making their own burgers

Image:5 A snapshot to remember their first visit with the KidZania sculpture in the background. Certainly this would not be their last visit. They had seen it and liked it and wanting a second visit, so they said!

More on the KidZania at Wiki's!

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  1. seems kids are having fun... :)

  2. dude this sounds really cool...and i bet the kids had a blast...will have to look it up and read more about it on the wiki

  3. Looks like the kids(and maybe some of the 'grown up' kids) had a great time, Hank.

  4. I don't see it here but it looks fun and I hope all the adults enjoyed it too ~

  5. Looks and sounds like a grand time
    I'm not sure we have such a thing here, which is a crime.

  6. Looks like the kids love it :)

  7. wow...sounds a very cool wonder they had lots of fun...need to check if we got sth. like this over here as well..

  8. Love the haiku to illustrate your post. Looks like they had a fab time.

  9. I this that is cool!.. Love that...


  10. Ahhhhh, those are such cute kids, Hank!!! You are the uncle, I think? Lucky family.

    We have a place here called "The Main Event" sounds similar. I wonder if one is coming soon to Texas?

    What a great time to be a kid indeed.