Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Last Summer

Picture Credits: Courtesy of Google Images

A Hot Bright Day

Benevolent might
The sun burning strong and bright
Extending its right

None is as to bind
Over the whole universe
So true and so kind

But cold winds and rain
Made an appearance of pain
Without much restraint

The big oak stood tall
Bravely it withstood the threat
Not likely to fall

Piercing bright and clear
Strong straight rays over yonder
The sun did appear

Help given sincere
Glistening on nature’s child
As did happen here

Submitted for d'Verse OpenLinkNight #5


  1. All haiku and I believe one senryu (but I'll leave that for Lady Nyo). I love haiku sets and have written a number of them. I wish cold winds and rain would make an appearance around here. I'd take steam at this point and that is all it would be. Losing trees (old and sturdy ones) and everything ele is gone. Love that nature up; it needs it! G.

  2. This is the first time I've read your poem.Nice flow and a good read.

  3. This feels strong and direct like the sun. I like it!

  4. i really like the inclusion of the tree there in the middle...it centers the haikus well...well done...

  5. ..these are sets of delightful Haikus.. 'tis always a pleasure to read your Haikus my friend.. you nailed me at the 2nd and 4th one.. adorable!(:

  6. Very well done, hot is this one. Need to find some shade to beat the heat or some water to cool my feet.

  7. Trees fascinate me. I like that oak tree took everything in stride :)

  8. i like that you've made this a series of haikus...fits the changing weather and makes for a great flow hank

  9. description of weather is beautiful.
    As always it was a nice read !!!

  10. Wonderful verse, we have not had much of a summer just the odd nice day, The only really hot weather I encountered this year was when I was in the US. Today is very Autumnal.

    Have a wonderful day.

  11. Very well done. The effect was cumulative - as it should have been. I enjoyed the read very much indeed.

  12. Lovely set of haiku with nature interplaying in the lines...

    Enjoyed it much ~

  13. Loved the way you ended it...
    another wonderful piece of writing :)

  14. This reminds me of how many oaks in Galveston were destroyed by Ike's storm surge.

    Wonderful how you wove all the haikus together seamlessly, and with such beautiful imagery.

  15. Centered yet branching well and strong. Nicely shared.

  16. Oh yes... the sun does indeed make its way beyond all cloud and grey... and so do hope and determination!!

    A lovely and inspiring poem, my friend...