Monday, August 15, 2011

The Adonis

A Canvas Reproduction of 'The Awakening of Adonis'

Picture Credit: Courtesy of Google

Nights of Love

Passionate nights of love
Extending its sensuous arms
To rekindle the fire of two souls
Lost in qualms of agony
Pain and pleasure intertwined
In a glued ecstasy

Oblivious of the ambience
Presented on a silver platter
Young hearts young bodies
Robust nights aflutter
To savor to their heart’s content
Never in all its abundance

Do they find a love?
So warm and tender
In all its make-up, a feast
Leading to a rosy glow
Of cheeks emboldened
Not by the very least

By the sheer fitness and strength
Of the muscled-toned Adonis!

Inspired by Jingle's Poetry with prompt 'Passionate nights of love ' week #48


  1. Wonderful play off the photo, captured it with every word.

  2. You really captured the essence of that photo and the prompt. No wonder Adonis is so exhausted ;)

  3. Love how you have captured all that the photo is, its essence...

    Thanks for stopping over at mine, yes I am back at least in some manner. The hand/wrist has improved quite a bit over the week, though there is still some pain with use of it.

  4. The picture is explained perfectly.. loved your selection of words :)

  5. Very stirring, and yes, the picture goes perfectly with your poem!

    Here is my offering for Potluck 48:

  6. Hats off to you, Hank.
    Visually stunning!
    Laughing...I have to agree in part with Talon...he does look kind of tired!

    Nicely done!

    My second entry:
    Make Sweet Love To Me

  7. Beautiful and passionate write ~

  8. Hank! Whoa, this is a very sensual poem from you, lots of passion. Lovely write, and a pleasant surprise for me... Amy

  9. you r mindblowing
    brilliant job :)

  10. mad me surely need some fitness and strength for a passionate night of love next to a good deal of creativity that sparks the flames..smiles...beautiful capture of the pic hank

  11. Wonderful words equally wonderful picture,

    Thanks for the comments. am all behind somehow
    any way comments much appreciated,

  12. Hank, you have captured the essence of the picture perfectly. Sorry I am so late getting round to reading. Hope all is well.


  13. some really nice wordplay and rhyme you got going on in telling the story...def a perfect play on the picture and spicy to boot...

  14. this is great.

    thanks for linking, you rock.

    you may wish to check out short story slam week 8 via my blog today.