Wednesday, August 10, 2011 - A Family Tree

                                                                                       Attribution: Petar Milošević
Image: The Info on Family Members are
Inadvertently locked up (here)

A family tree that goes back generations
Can be a convenient tool
To check on ties of relations

Of brothers and sisters
And their next-of-kin
Of near cousins and relatives
And their off-springs

To keep track of days
Memorable to them
Birthdays, anniversaries
All reminded through email
A week before as prompts

All done automatically

To discover long lost relatives
To cement old ties
Try it and keep the info moving
The format is FaceBook styled
With pictures, videos all thrown in
Provided you did the uploading
All these through
Downloaded at your convenience
And it’s all for free!

If you missed your cousin’s wedding
You could view it
After someone's done an uploading!

Get it done
It's a service to everyone
And it’s lots of fun!

Inspired by Theme Thursday prompt 'Tree'


  1. I loved this, I have been tracing my family tree for a few years now and it's been so interesting.


  2. True, but it can turn up some nasty surprises! Enjoyed the verse.

  3. You have found your roots in laughter and fun, I can see, Sir Hanks!

  4. Ninot Ma'am,
    Never forgetting I have had a wonderfully good teacher!

  5. Great verse, never heard of that site. the one I know is Ancestry. com and they charge an arm and a leg to be on that!

  6. haha yeah my parents did each of theres a few years dad was cool with his, my mom i think would rather not

  7. It's so ironic that just tonight I was discussing this with my mother. I'll have to check it out.

    laurie kolp

  8. Hank, loved the thought. I just can't stand most of the relatives I know already! Great poem, though, and an innovative way to pass on the idea to others. Amy

  9. I loved your take on the tree prompt, Hank. I've never heard of Now I'm wondering if I really want to shake my family tree and see what apples fall off :)

    The dogs went on a major hike today, so they're very happy - we finally had a break from the super heat and humidity (and they are really good buddies - they'd be lost without each other).

  10. nice - that was a fun post...i'm all for watching missed weddings on video and get email reminders for birthdays...smiles

  11. Family trees are great, especially for uncovering secrets!

    A fun post, Hank.