Friday, August 26, 2011

War Time Prison Camp

                                          The Kiss (original Der Kuss)  by Gustav Klimt
Picture Credit: Gooseberry Gardens

Comfort Woman: Que Sera Sera, what will be, will be! 

Taking a rue look at the awesome sight
Of one, a prison guard slouching at the door way
A lean looking geek seemingly  on diet
Mystic and  a soul mate unashamedly at play

Narry a bother  on such starry nights
Just keeping mum without a say
The unaccustomed just shivered with fright
It would at least have kept the wolves at bay

They  made an appearance as darkness fell
Moving slowly progressing, a kiss, without  a sound
Surreptitiously goaded along by the aroma of erotic smells
The meek the lame and the weak fell at every round

Having satisfied their cravings on the sly
As daybreak showed signs of emerging
Readying themselves flapping  wings to fly
The victims shocked, were  left  wondering

What  possibly could have them in such fits
Feeling nauseous but very much alert
They cringe asking  would  there be a repeat
Of the  embarrassment they could ill afford

Inspired by Gooseberry Gardens Week #2 - with prompt The Kiss and styled in the Bouts-Rimes form      ( French for a verse with rhymed ends)
Submitted also for Friday Poetry Fest


  1. Truly what will be will be, because alot let it. Quite the picture this piece paints.

  2. I like, very much, the images painted by your poem. Thanks for sharing on the Meme!

  3. not quite sure what you're trying to communicate here but thanks very much for participating in our meme. xj

  4. Thanks for sharing this excellent poem , good to read.

  5. Last verse was superb..
    loved whole of it :)
    Nice expressions !!

  6. A well done piece.

    My kiss offering:

  7. enjoyed your humor and creativity.
    fantastic entry.

  8. exciting! thank you for sharing. here's mine..

  9. This is a wonderful image your poem has created. I am so happy that I read this. I have tried on this week for the first time at

  10. the stories of comfort women in war times are truly controversial. until their old age the pain is still inside. I wonder how much it changed now when there are some who choose to be just that -- comfort women. great write through history :)