Monday, August 29, 2011

The Sunday Whirl

Picture Credit: Courtesy of Brenda's  Wordle # 19

Let's Rally Around

It is my fervent hope
That we turn to the truth
It is  matter we have  to consider,
We should give serious consideration
Not  just wild imaginations
And I mean it!

A weakness in structure?
Fine! But what of it?
That the trunk could no longer
Come off  it! 

Just on a vessel  of hope
That sweeps past in gusts
It is a  breeze!

To cloak them over their skin
Blown to dust
And toughen the residue

That is the ultimate aim!

Wordle #19 of Sunday Whirl


  1. Hank, I really like this a lot, but this caught my eye ...
    "Just on a vessel of hope
    That sweeps past in gusts
    It is a breeze!" it spoke to me on a very personal level. I am so happy to see you joining in with us over at the whirl.


  2. Beautifully written and a strong point to consider!!
    Living by hope and truth is revival for strengthening and betterment!!

  3. I find these wordies very difficult to use as prompts, so I am full of admiration for this achievement. Well done.

  4. So true, it should be the ultimate aim as you say. We should take strength from each and every hope or any crap that occurs and use it moving forward. Great piece.

  5. Excellently written Hank, and such a pleasure to read.


  6. some great words through out...turn to truth...a vessel of hope...i think we have to realise we are in this together and love is the way...

  7. I'd like to hear you read it aloud...there is strength in your words. Thanks for joining us at the Whirl.

  8. pheeeewwww.... you turned bowled my mind... a thought provoking post..!!!

  9. Welcome to the wordle group! You certainly captured the spirit and enthusiasm of a speaker trying to rally the troops. Well done.

  10. The speaker here is quite sure of herself! She brooks no nonsense!

    Wordle 19 poem

  11. i love those no nonsense phrases... loved yr response to the prompt!