Thursday, August 18, 2011

Life's Lifestyle

A Split Cycle*

Birthday do
Young infant
Sweet toothed affair
Cake, candle lit
Blow and wish
Innocent and happy
Friends and family
Gathered merrily

His buddies
Tagging along each
With a heart throb
Tea dance by themselves
Loud music
New friends emerged
To meet again
College bound

The guys, spouses
Soul mates and all
Boisterous dinner
Fun filled wine flowing
Never dull
Life of the party
Always there
By design
Or otherwise
Happy to sing
Dance and be merry

Gooseberry Garden's #1 Week
A first attempt at Anacreontic Verse with the 3-5 syllables, 20 -30 lines form but vague on other technicalities

* A cycle split into 3 stages
Submitted for Theme Thursday with prompt ' Split' and


  1. Perfect timing. We have lots of August birthdays in my family... from child to adult.


  2. brilliant job..
    whole of life in few bunch of lines..
    with complete expressions.

    Loved it.

  3. Really delved into the birthday scene, great use of the form too.

  4. Perfect and exactly the way it is!! Our lives are really split into distinct compartments :) and predictable behaviour!!