Monday, August 22, 2011

A Temptation

Image: Hank's own sketch in soft pastel
on A4 size dark drawing paper.

Man and woman
A vulnerable combination
A serpent thrown in
It worked its temptation

An Offer issued
Acceptance registered
For a Forbidden Fruit
A  Heaven's Contract concluded

The serpent got on with it
The first hoodwink in Paradise
The woman fell for it
And Man paid the price

Good Old Mother Earth
There’s where they landed
Opening up its horizon
Destined to set up a lineage

Of human variety developed
Of different race, color and creed
From all corners of Earth
Man is to breed

For Gooseberry Garden Poetry Picnic Week #1
with prompt  -  Adam and Eve


  1. Lovely sketch! And a perfect poem for the poetic prompt. Who knew such temptation lay in such an innocent fruit? :)

  2. Nice sketch ~

    I pause here at the word vulnerable:

    Man and woman
    A vulnerable combination

    Indeed we are ~

    My post is an oldie:

  3. A poet and an've got creative blood in your veins. I like your contemporary take on the Adam and Eve tale..the serpent perpetrated the scam!

  4. very nice on the art...enjoyign seeing your artistic side more and more...

    a vulnerable combination...i like how you put that...fine poetic play...

  5. Fine work..
    with words as well as with colors :)

  6. I agree with Brian and others, loved the artwork, Hank. One thing to pull an image off the Web, but your own work... like Viv's quilts, these talents never fail to impress.

    I'm not a Biblical literalist, so I don't take the story of Adam and Eve verbatim (hope this does not offend you, Hank). But your poem brought forth the beginning of the spread of humanity over the earth... if they had stayed in the Garden, we'd never have known Jesus, and it's his lessons I follow in life, so there you go! Really effective, and now I want an apple... Peace, Amy

  7. Adam and Eve.... perfectly pictured..!!!

  8. Wonderful visual effects as well as words.


  9. I like the drawing as much as the poem - and that's saying a lot!

    I also very much like the previous drawing and poem - two matched pairs. Excellent stuff.

  10. Great drawing indeed. Wonderful piece to follow it's lead. Delved into Adam and Eve wonderfully, nicely done!

  11. lovely words & the painting...nicely crafted lines!

  12. superb.

    glad to see your profound contribution.