Wednesday, August 31, 2011


 Image1: With Tim Cook, the new CEO

 Image 2: Steve demonstrates the new iPhone4 - June07 2010

Image3 : Steve with the iPad at a recent launch

A Change

Jobs left his job
A big chunk off the Apple
No more just a bite

It has to be  a fun thing
To be leaving
With all his investments
Safely locked in

Not a total loss, though
Ties are maintained
No more CEO
But now The Chairman

With his departure
And a new CEO, Tim Cook
Will Apple take more bites
Will the logo sport a new look?

From the Mac with windows
To iPhone and  iPad
Found so indispensible
Not just a fad

Anything in the pipe-line?
What do they have NEXT

Yes, what’s NEXT?


  1. Interesting piece... questions, and the question that I'm sure many are asking.

  2. nice creation..
    creative n very timely :)

  3. i wonder too with his recent leaving what is next for apple...have def been a fan and very intrigued...

  4. They always DO have a next, don't they.

    And always quite delicious. If pricey at first.

  5. Yes is an interesting state of affairs, should also be interesting to see what they come up with next.

  6. Very interesting Hank, I have an Ipod and I phone but would love an Ipad but that's out of my price range,
    Loved the verse.


  7. Pareng Hank, this is nice... i have a complete collection of Apple gadgets - ipod touch, iphone4, ipad and Macbook...

    wish the changes is for the better of Apple.

    Nice post!..