Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Silent Movie

Image 1: Laurel and Hardy

 Image 2:  Charlie Chaplin
(Photo Credit: Courtesy of Google images)

The Classics

The silent movie
How it could stand by itself
One often wonders

Sans sounds of  dialogue
Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy
Fondly remembered

Enjoyed  the series
What attracts and what repels
The fascination

Of written dialogue
Which makes it very special
Can one then complain? 

Haiku styled inspired by d'Verse Poetics - Shh...Silent Movies


  1. The talent of the silent film era is indisputable. Nowadays, I suspect the limitations would cause some to complain but as I enjoy silence, these films attract and intrigue. The prompt led you to a beautiful place.


  2. I think that sometimes the sounds get in the way of the message. An example? Think of a scene in a TV sitcom that is funny simply because of the action -- Cheers and M.A.S.H. did it well -- but is spoiled by the laugh track the producers feel compelled to insert. Are we not smart enough to know what is funny for ourselves? The silent films were powerful in their silence.

  3. smiles. tv has gotten louder and louder...there are even commercials which auto adjust louder for effect...noise...and we use it to make up for sub par acting...ack...

  4. I like this: "Sans sounds of dialogue"

  5. Brian's comment made me think of a cringe-worthy trip to Disney on Ice with my Goddaughters. DOI answer to everything was explosions! I think we've lost something.

  6. I'm not complaining :) thought-provoking write.

  7. @eclipsingwitter

    Dear All
    True enough! We are so fascinated with the original takes and we look forward to that 'silent' way these movies offer. What do we have instead? Modern technology and commercial requirements should spoil our expectations. Can't win them all! Some people need to make money, that's why!


  8. @safehousepoetry

    Thanks for the visit


  9. im a great fan of charlie chaplin. u know pare, sometimes better when there are
    no words.

    love this!


  10. Very nice haiku set...The silent movies are classics... their mystery and attraction are unique, even until now. Dialogues today doesn't make some movies better... great share ~

  11. True dialogue can be complete crap. They just throw some propped up pretty boy or girl on their with plastic surgery galore, who couldn't deliver a line even if their plastic behind was about to explode and that's about all we get.

  12. Pat,
    How else do they make a living anyway!

  13. Classic silent movies, I can only just remember Laurel and Hardy though they were in talkies then,
    Enjoyed the verse. most enjoyable.