Thursday, September 22, 2011

Boat Ride

The Shotover Jet - Simply glides at high speed and barely touching the rock wall that rises from the water!

Photo Credit: From google images

High Speed

Queenstown Shotover Jet
Manoeuvring,skims water
Thrilling at high speed

Note: One of the most thrilling and terrifying boat rides that I had ever experienced. Outwardly it appeared to be very dangerous, barely 2 feet from the rocks, almost touching. But those manning the boats said it was nothing as they were at it all the time.


  1. Looks dangerously close to the rocks!! Count me out of this ride!!

  2. exciting thrilling boat ride... whew ~

  3. oohhh.. even I once tried a thrilling boat ride.. and trust me, instead of being thrilled I got scared to the cores ;)

  4. I must say it looks dangerous but for sure thrilling and exciting...