Monday, September 19, 2011

Wordle 22

A School Teacher

The verve of a nerve
She mirrored a sheepish smile
‘Hey! What’s coming?
I just yearn to knock on your knuckles'

She grinned, her opal necklace
Hanging by the thick thread
Moved in unison twinkling
Throwing sharp reflections
As if taking the cue
Taunting me

strengthen my resolve
‘You should have it at your fingertips
I bellowed
It got on my raw nerve
The thrust of the piercing lights
Bathing the corridor outside the class
Becoming reddish in the afternoon sun
I mused woefully
A bad omen?
These are just kids
And me a lovable school Ma’am!
I must learn to control my anger
It just isn’t fair!

Submitted for Sunday Whirl 22


  1. Hank, an excellent description of how it is not easy to be a teacher sometimes. It takes an awful lot of patience, I know. However, I am very lucky to be teaching people who actually want to learn.


  2. I did have a school Ma'am who fits the description very well!! :) Lucky me just got into her cross fire only once ;)

  3. Some school teachers are really given a hard time by the kids these days! Great use of the wordle prompt!

  4. i was a teacher for a few a treatment center with ones that really did not want to be was certainly quite the chanllenge...nice take on this...

  5. Oh Pareng Hank the reason why I canot be a teacher I might get out of control myself while e children are challenging me... Hehehe... Nice one!


  6. Great job, Hank. I started thinking the teacher was the one with the necklace, but you managed a smooth and surprising role reversal in my mind. Well executed. The rough kids are my favorites, I'm lucky to work with them...and yes, they love to get in my face. At least until they figure out I'm on their side.

  7. Great piece Hank..
    u narrated all the shades of it.

    Lovely read !!!

  8. Yearning to knock their knuckles..haha..good one, brought back some memories indeed.

  9. Tenderly poignant... fond memories of toughened moments, yet inspired by those same moments.

  10. Well written, Hank. I did a short stint as a teacher, and I'm all too familiar with the feelings you've described.

    -Traci B