Thursday, September 22, 2011


 Image1: Shooting target with bullet holes

 Image2: A lady shooter at a Shooting Club

Image3: Boys at a Shooting Range
(Photo Courtesy: Google images)

Shooting Practice

Bullseye! What a shot
Shooting was a lot of fun
For teens growing up

Target Scoring Points
A bullseye in the centre is the highest scoring part of the concentric circles on the target. They are outwards, a Bullseye (5 points) an Inner (4), a Magpie(3) and an Outer(2)

I was in a military school from age 15 till 19. It was modeled along the Sandhurst  Military Academy  (but for the equivalent of the secondary or high school years) . We were governed by the trappings of military science and traditions. Shooting practices were eagerly awaited for during military trainings on some Saturdays.  Rifle shooting  would need a butt party placed in a dug-out at the end where the targets were  to indicate the results to the shooters

Results  were immediately indicated by waving signals each in a specific manner of big placards at the end of a pole of about 7 ft long .This could be seen just by the naked eye at a range of about 150 meters by the shooters so that they would immediately know how they fared whether they scored a  bullseye , inner, magpie, outer or none at all. Those shooting  and the butt party would trade places every now and then so that everyone would have had a chance to shoot.

Inspired by Haiku Heights with The Prompt # 80


  1. shooting is lots of fun?
    how divine.

    lovely Haiku.

  2. Thanks for the first hand explanation!! Awesome that you practiced rifle shooting!! A teens dream come true!!

  3. Dear Cello Strings,
    If there was a contest element with points given it could be fun eg shooting contest at a fair. It was all the more fun with live bullets. Not many teenagers could experience this.


  4. Yeah not many at all could experience this, sounds like it be quite the test and fun to shoot at the targets, but that's all I'd ever want to shoot at, prob still shoot myself in the foot..haha

  5. Great haiku and background information, Hank. I never was that interested in guns in my youth, other than the pretend ones my brothers and I imagined our tennis rackets to be when we played Army with the neighborhood kids.

    - Traci B

  6. I don't go or weapons tho Pare! But i must say it is really fun. I have 4 year of target shooting with some friends in my late 20's...

    But now, i am afraid to hold one..


  7. I did it too when i was in NCC.. its fun and if it doesn't hit, its hard :(

  8. Thanks for sharing a bit of your life...My dad taught me to shoot a gun..He passed away this year and I have the pistol that he used to teach me...

  9. nice...i have taught my 6 and 8 year old how to shoot in the backyard...a bit of fun passed along...