Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Image :1 This is madness. I would not be able to move at this height let alone climb.

Image :2  I'm sure there ought to be a dress code or was it a spur of the moment decision (without ropes!)

Image:3 She seemed dressed  ready to attend a party. (one at the summit?)

Image :4 Another madness episode ( no ropes nor equipment)

Image:5 This is youthful vigor! Climbing at this height and with such a rocky landscape!

Some spectacular Rock Climbing pics that bring shivers! Such dizzying heights!
Photo Credits: Courtesy of shared photos of Google images

Youthful vigor

'I'm into my elements'
Oblivious of imminent danger
Up the rock face they went
Inexperienced youthful vigor

Triumphantly declaring
'Danger is my forte'
Can they be blamed?
Just let them  be!

All the more richer
Of that they had been through
Is all that of an adventure
The  true  grit of so few?

Venturing out the foolhardy
To better equip one's own!
Out of their shell the uncanny
To discover the unknown

But the process of learning
Take many forms
Be ever mindful of the test of time
Experience that matter that counts

Inspired by d'Verse OpenLink Night week#7
(a revamp of an earlier post of June 16, 2011)


  1. when we are young we tend to jump into the fire without thinking....it ends up being a part of the journey...I like the way you captured it. Nice, Hank.

  2. learning does take many forms...and many are painful...but it can be a good teacher...be ever mindful of the moments for sure...

  3. Love the poem Hank, but I must admit the pics are a bit terrifying. I am not a huge fan of heights.


  4. "All the more richer of that they had been through" so true about so many events in our lives. Very nice writing.

  5. The pics tell a story all their own and then your words give them an even better tone. Yes learning takes shapes and forms, that some may never see coming.

  6. lovely photos and so true about life. Thank you for sharing

  7. the process of learning
    Take many forms..
    so true...
    Sometimes it feels like Leave it.. Who cares.
    But at the end of the day it is worth :)

    Fantastic read !!!

  8. I definitely feel like I struggle with jumping into life. One moment I'm ready, and the next I'm scared again. Thanks for the inspirational read :)

  9. That's one experience I'd gladly forgo! lol

  10. Even when I was young and vigorous, I was nowhere near so brave!

  11. The pics are a thing that I'm past doing, but the poem was very good and well written.


  12. I like that some people enjoy this climbing and learning. Personally I am scared of heights but I would like to say that learning never stops and continues on.

    Happy day ~ Thanks on commenting on both of my blogs ~

  13. discovering the unknown...taking risks...being brave...and learn until we die...i much like that...maybe even dying while learning...it all has its price..

  14. What is it about youth that makes them think they are indestructable?


  15. Learning is perpetual fueled by youthful invincibility in the beginning, polished by the wisdom of aging.

    Your poem suggests you have made a good start on your trip.

    I enjoyed your poem.


  16. Climbing in a dress -- not what I'd wear, but to each his own, eh?

    I am more on the side of thinking foolhardiness as to the whole climbing thing. I freak out just seeing th photos.

  17. Were we really braver when we were younger or just foolhardy ~ ♥ ஆ ~.^

  18. Its always good to be adventitious.. Life is all about taking risks...
    Enjoy the madness because may be tomorrow never comes :)

  19. Ah, I remember well the "immortality" of my youth. Helena, we were both. We were feeling our oats. Climbing mountains in skirts was never my forte.

    Although it's great to be young and take those adventurous chances, there are some adventures worth skipping. Just think of that young man who climbed alone and had to cut off his own arm to get out of the crevasse! Also, skipping drugs is a good idea; they are too strong and laced now.