Thursday, September 21, 2017

She was there staring straight at me

                                                                         Artist: Ernest Hébert  (1817–1908)
Image: A Far and Blank Look (here)

She was there staring straight at me
An arrow targeting its prey unobtrusively
Unsmiling nary a wink unperturbed squarely
A young lady still, just to my fancy

But on a boat, what a pity
No way was there to make the first move
Feet rooted like a big oak tree
Could I give my frame a shove?

She was still looking at me, only me ,blandly
Even when I stepped off at the next stop unhappily
I felt flattered but lo and behold, luckily
A friend intimated later she was a little lacking, mentally

Fireblossom's Friday at Real Toad's   -  distorted lens
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry#372


  1. Mmmm, maybe best that he was rooted like an Oaktree.

  2. Then you didn't lose anything.
    Sorry I missed this last week.

  3. Best to look away and move on we say.

  4. Some things are better left to chance. (Smile)

  5. I feel this lady to be one of these enchantresses of the wood... a hulder or a succubus --- beware.