Tuesday, September 12, 2017

nature awakened with harrowing scenes

                                                     Author: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Image: Fury of the Angry Oceans (here)
(satellite sourced)

the 3 given words:
rain, reign rein 

nature awakened with harrowing scenes
it had happened before but not as worrying
caused concern then but in more localized routines
recent ones affected many countries with lots of  ruins

rain-lashed coastlines by forceful hurricanes
floods and tornadoes brought misery inland
the heavens disturbed and for a few days reigned
in their uncontrolled and unimpeded domains

how to rein-in the madness from occurring again
divine help to appease Mother Nature was obvious
unwittingly slighted confidence was to be regained
Providence pointed out the wrongs in our choices

Lillian's at d'Verse's  -  rein them in


  1. So glad you posted to the prompt! Rain-lashed indeed...mother nature's anger unleashed, unreined. How to rein-in the madness........so much to recover from. The human spirit is resilient but yes, there are lessons to be learned.

  2. Sometimes it is better when the rain ceases... it's been a tough year.

  3. The damage happens quickly and then the beauty of nature returns. I don't know how to rein in the madness.

  4. This reined in the rains of nature's fury. You reign, Hank.

  5. What a solemn yet wonderfully written poem. Such a worrisome time we live in, with changing weather patterns and all. Greetings to you.

  6. The fury of nature, no one is spared, lets call the divine help indeed.

  7. Timely!
    Unfortunately, there is no stopping nature.

  8. Beautiful poem for nature's bad mood and we all pray that may she calm down and men get some peace soon ,amen

  9. Nature sure comes whether we like it or not.