Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Do not answer a question.....

                   Author: Liftarn
Image: A Bold GNU Head with a question mark (here)

Why is it difficult to get an answer?
Is there a need?
Is there a reason not to blabber?
Is that all you seek?

Yes, but why must it be under wraps?
Is it inappropriate that I don't budge?
Yes, but why are you holding back?
Is it necessary that I should be pre-judged?

Yes, don't you think you are being difficult?
Do we have to go through all these again?
Don't you think it might lead to an argument?
What then is the solution?

Don't you think it is better
not to answer a question with a question?

Bjorn at d'Verse's Poetics -  the answer is 42
(a poem comprising only of questions)


  1. When I need an answer about my health issues I expect one not to be ignored, I'm afraid "Being a nuicence" is not a good way but all the same important.
    Loved the verse Hank your point of view coming over.


  2. I think that many questions need another questions before you can drill down into an answer

  3. Sometimes the second question clarifies the first question and it is sort of an answer or the path to an answer.

  4. Before long the initial question that is asked is long gone.

  5. Great poem, Hank. (still waiting for an answer)

  6. Some questions require a question in answer, don't you think? said she, with tongue in cheek!

  7. That was very clever, Hank! I can see that as a conversation.

  8. Sometimes a question leads to another question.

  9. sometimes a question is a way of deflecting the other person. I recognise this.

  10. I'd like to see these lines delivered in a play or movie. In my mind, I am imagining a rather tense dramatic moment. 😊


  11. LATE to the reading...apologies!
    Loving this conversation....italics vs straight text. And then love that ending....ah yes. Have been in situations where folks simply answer questions with questions...can be a bit discombabalizing! :)