Friday, September 1, 2017

Even lowly animals fared better

                                                                               Author: Antony Stanley
Image: Mother and baby (here)

Mothers showered love naturally
Offering mental and physical support
Their lives and souls at others' whims
Highest of sacrifices without question
Exceptions though turned them into monstrous beings
Remember Cinderella (step-mother no doubt)
Little boy neglected at home by his own mother, undernourished
swirling in muck and slime for she was at her workplace
Yet she was just admonished and freed by the court

Love denied in other cases, a few maimed even death ensued
Other than in the house where else could solace and salvation be expected
Very unlikely elsewhere though
Even lowly animals fared better

Frank's at d'Verse's MTB  - acrostic
Kerry's at Real Toad's  -  skyflower friday  - monster


  1. The exceptions sometimes appear to be the norm even with motherly love. Nice acrostic! I like how you did not use all the lines which is a very useful variation on the form. One just needs something, a letter or even a word, from some of the lines.

  2. The exceptions are rare, but sometimes horrifying to read about,

  3. I just want to sit here and stare at that baby monkey. Precious. The exceptions are certainly chilling. Good job on the acrostic.

  4. Powerful and observant poem with a great acrostic.

  5. Yes, sometimes (other) animals do it better.

  6. This touched my heart Hank, MOTHERLY LOVE is what I certainly have but am rejected by all three.
    Wonderful post and thanks.


  7. Nice acrostic Hank. Yes and sadly so,
    there are those kinds of mothers too.

    Much love...

  8. Some of those exceptions are scary indeed for the kids. Such mothers sure shouldn't be one.

  9. This topic is painful and sad. I wonder what makes the mothers in your piece the mothers that they are.

    Happy weekend.


  10. Nothing more monstrous that an abusive or neglectful mother!

  11. An insightful and well-written acrostic!

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  13. I can relate to this (somewhat). My mother was robbed of "motherly love" by the Nazi government. Well done.

  14. Sad that there are exceptions to the idea of motherly love. I was blessed to have a very nurturing and loving mother. Good acrostic.