Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Until shoved to the ground...

                                                                                            Attribution: Ireen Trummer
Image: A Young Ural Owl That
had just left the Nest (here)

The given words:
prodigal, treasure, tavern, sun, longing, find
rushing, roar, gravel, learn, grieving, candles, 

The prodigal son
Squandered a treasure trove
Lazing in taverns
or soaking the sun
longing to find
all good things in life

Was seen rushing to capture
fun and games
and to create a big roar

Until shoved to the ground
of mud and gravel
The prodigal son
would not learn

Back to their parents
And parents being parents
There were no grievings

Welcomed back with smiles
Short of lighted candles
to light the way
The prodigal son
was accepted into the fold again!

For MMT's hosting at Sunday's Whiligig #7
with the given words


  1. This was just so enjoyable to read Hank and you captured all the given words just great.

  2. I have lived the Prodigal story. And as in the story, my brother was not happy, expecting all for him.

    ( '>

    ALOHA from Honolulu,

  3. Hank, enjoyed reading this sometimes the road leads back home after a lesson or two.

  4. The prodigal son has to learn on his own before getting the sense to come back home

  5. Dirt in our face leads to a wake up call

  6. There's no place like home, especially when you're fortunate to have one.

    Hi Hank.

  7. Wonderful, Hank. I was waiting to see if you would put 'eating with the pigs' in. But then that didn't lend to any prompt words and would have ruined the concise nature of this beautiful work. (I do think that the mud in his face was pig manure.)

    1. Thanks for peeking in on my "Z" word, Zurich, tale. We tried to ride the vernacular also but this last time for Jenna it was closed due to lightening. We rode up the first time, loved the cows with their cowbells up there at the high altitude farm.
      I am cutting back and won't be writing to very much with the Toads until maybe July. Things are happening here on our home front.

    2. One and a half months should be ok Dr Jim. It'll over in a jiffy!


  8. Curiously mine also has this theme but will post to the sites when open. It is always a good subject to write to Hank.

  9. Not so prodigal perhaps..but I am thankful he had a place to go home...we all need that ;)

  10. Love the 'soaking the sun' expression and finding the way home...

  11. I like the way you stayed close to the original parable.

  12. Yes, sometimes we don't learn until we are shoved to the ground by life - or what we have sown.

  13. Happy story for the prodigal son despite his journey.

  14. Lovely story with . . .of all things . . .a happy ending! Love this, Hank.

  15. Ah -- parents always welcome the prodigal son .. nicely written.