Wednesday, May 27, 2015

trappings of the 'knife acrobatics'

                                                               Attribution: Kowloonese (CC-BY-SA-3.0-;GFDL)
Image: Tempura of fried shrimps
and slices of vege (here)

The given words:
Sunday Whirligig  - boil late hat sequence 
thought shoe outside nifty white cherry

came to a boil late in the day
hat tipped at an angle every bit
a gentleman followed the
sequence of an earlier thought

shoes left outside proceeded
to take a seat with feet dangling
in a dug-out of sorts sitting
Japanese style

one nifty enough to be comfortable
in that position and ready enough
with the white napkin laid across

the chef popped a cherry into his
mouth and munching commenced
right away in front of the diners

Tempura and trappings of
the 'knife acrobatics' and juggling
to spice up the cooking movements
All done not behind at the galley but
right in front of their very eyes

What a meal!

Note: The chef very deftly and delicately
threw up the knife every now and then
like a juggler or twirled it around in his
hands like a gun-fighter all the while cooking
and smiling. Those right behind the counter
in front and not in the dug-out would get
a grand-stand view while enjoying their meals

For MMT's hosting at Sunday Whirligig #9
with the given words


  1. He sounds quite obvious! It's a pleasure reading after a short time away! It's like a breath of fresh air! Hope all is well Hank!

  2. Different cultures, different practices

  3. I'd probably chop off my hands if I tried to juggle knives lol