Monday, May 18, 2015

It hung over her head!

Note: Hank chose to write on Blood and Carnage in this Blogfest

The Girl Who Played with Fire
is a 2009 Swedish thriller film directed by Daniel Alfredson

Lisbeth Salander is under suspicion of having murdered a journalist and his girlfriend. Mikael Blomkvist has to do what he can to find her before the authorities do
Journalist Dag Svensson is writing an exposé on prostitution in Sweden. Dag and his girlfriend are about to leave on a holiday and ask Mikael Blomkvist to come and collect some photographs. Mikael arrives at their apartment but finds the two dead. Lisbeth Salander is the prime suspect, as her fingerprints happen to be on the gun.

In order to find Lisbeth Mikael contacts her friend, Paolo. Paolo witnesses Salander’s friend Miriam being kidnapped by tough guy Niedermann. Paolo gives his account to the police. Meanwhile, Salander tries to find Niedermann by patiently staking out his post office box. She eventually sees someone retrieve his mail and follows him to a small house near Gosseberga. Salander enters the house, but Niedermann has been alerted by motion detectors and knocks her out.

Niedermann and his sidekick Zalachenko lead Lisbeth to a shallow grave in the woods. She tells Niedermann the police will find him soon. All that he has said has been published online through her hidden cellphone. Seeing through her bluff,  Niedermann shoots Lisbeth and buries her alive. Left for dead, Salander digs her way out using her silver-plated cigarette case Hiding in the woodshed, she surprises Zalachenko with an axe. She then keeps Niedermann at bay with Zalachenko's gun.Just then Blomkvist arrives with the police who take them away.

It hung over her head 
but Salander was innocent
It was left to Mikael to find her
Paolo her friend should know

In the meantime Salander
went to look for Niederman
who had kidnapped Miriam

She tailed someone to a house
in Gosseberga but Niedermann
caught her snooping 

She was led to the woods
shot and left for dead
She dug her way out and
hid in the woodshed

She surprised Niedermann
and his sidekick and kept
them at bay before the police
arrived brought on by Mikael

A Haibun for Alex's Blogfest.
Hank is kaykuala at # 45


  1. This was great to read and your verse excellent, not sure if I would have liked to have seen the film.

  2. Love your poem.

    I'm really enjoying this Blogfest.

  3. They are remaking this film here in America, but the Swedish version was really good. The actress who plays Salander is excellent in the role.
    Thanks for participating in our blogfest!

  4. I've seen the original Swedish version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo but not the other two. I want to watch them though because I like to compare them to the American versions, although they aren't out yet.

  5. What... shot and left for dead? That can't be good! Still need to watch it, though. How's life?

  6. I like the sequels a little better than the first book in the series. The first one had a very slow start. I've only seen the American version of the first film, but have heard good things about the other versions. Salander is such a great character.

  7. It was a great movie indeed and sure hit the carnage note and then some

  8. it's on my list to see, in a pile that grows and I see it sit... staring at me.

    Jeremy [THE WOLF]
    Howlin' Wolf Records: On-Line Magazine

  9. Have yet to see any of them. On my list though

  10. An excellent choice for the B,B&C Blogfest!

  11. Shot and left for dead. That's terrible.

  12. Lisbeth is one smart, tough girl. She is the best part of those books, not the reporter guy.

  13. Interesting. I haven't read a good mystery in a long while.

  14. So far, I've read the first book, which I enjoyed. It definitely had a lot of sex and violence.

  15. Haven't read any of these books in this series nor seen any of the movies. They've been popular so they must have something going for them.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  16. Sound so violent.
    Great choice.
    THANK YOU for joining Alex and me in this EPIC blogfest!
    Heather M. Gardner